Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, November 29, 2007

29 Nov 2007 - Recognizing Winnie the Pooh

As you are aware, most of the "stuff" in Jerlene's playroom are pictures of Winnie the Pooh and friends, especially the big wallpaper. Every morning, I'll give Jerlene a lesson to recognize the various characters, namely Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. So far, she can recognize Winnie the Pooh. Whenever I ask her, "Where is Winnie the Pooh?", she will look up to the wallpaper and stare at Winnie the Pooh. Sometimes she can even point at it. It's good to see that she can now relate words to pictures.

27 Nov 2007 - Jerlene's sofa bed

The sofa bed that I've just bought is a good investment so far. Whenever I wanted to do something and need to leave Jerlene alone, I'll put her down on her sofa bed. At least she'll stay there alone for 10-15mins, sometimes even longer. I shall let Jerlene shows you how comfortable her sofa bed is........... :-)

26 Nov 2007 - First few words

These few days, Jerlene has started to become very talkative. These are the first few words that came out from Jerlene's mouth.

1) Ma Ma - When calling for both Tracy and myself, as well!
2) Mum Mum - Eating. Jerlene uses this interchangeably with Ma Ma....hehe......
3) Ghai Ghai - Going out. She also kept saying this before sleep.
4) Yai Yai - Naughty naughty.
5) Pa pa - Once in a while, she'll call me Pa pa.
6) Ko Lei Ko Lei - I'm still trying to figure out what this means........

Whenever Tracy and I are talking, Jerlene will always wanted to join in. It's good to see that Jerlene can now "communicate" with us using simple baby language instead of just yelling and shouting.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

25 Nov 2007 - A new member in Jerlene's playroom

Remember I almost bought the Pooh baby sofa from United Square's Toys-R-Us yesterday? I could not resist the temptation today and bought it from Suntec's Toys-R-Us. As it cost more than $50, I got a free Toys-R-Us Star membership. Today is Jerlene's 10th month birthday and this will be her birthday present. Let's welcome the newest "member" in Jerlene's playroom and it matches perfectly with the rest of the "members".
When we reached home, I quickly brought the mini sofa into Jerlene's playroom and immediately Jerlene got wild in it. She kept climbing up and down the sofa non stop. Although I can see that Jerlene is enjoying herself, Tracy told me that I've just introduced a room hazard..... Well, I guess we have to be more careful and avoid leaving her alone in the room. If really need to, we have to put her into the playyard. Nowadays, Jerlene will bash through anything to reach to her target. As long as the stuff is about the height of her waist, she will climb over it easily. Very soon, I will have a hard time keeping up with her.......... Sigh, Jerlene's daddy really old liao. :-)

24 Nov 2007 - Jerlene's 2nd haircut

We had our breakfast at Casuarina Prata House this morning. After that, we went to shop at Novena Square and United Square. I parked my car at Novena Square but we decided to walk over to United Square since there are more "kiddy" shops. As we walked past EC House, we decided to bring Jerlene in for a haircut. This particular EC House does haircut for children of all ages. It's not easy to cut Jerlene's hair now because she kept turning her head around. As I was carrying her during the haircut, Jerlene's hair was all over my body at the end of the session. After both Jerlene and myself "cleaned" ourselves up, we proceed to Jerlene's favourite place, Toys-R-Us. I saw a Pooh baby sofa and had the intention to buy. But in the end, I decided to look around first.

As we walked back to Novena Square, Jerlene fell asleep in the underground passage. She's too tired after getting wild in Toys-R-Us. Tracy did some shopping of shoes there before we left for my Grandma's place after that.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

20 Nov 2007 - Yet another look of Auntie Jerlene

Tracy got "mischievious" tonight and tied a hair band on Jerlene's head. Jerlene looks so "auntie" with the hair band. Everytime Jerlene tried to pull off the hair band, the naughty mommy will tie it back. After a while, Jerlene gave up and continued to play with her toys. She seems to be having fun with it too and even pose for me to take some shots........

18 Nov 2007 - Hi-5 craze

I have always been wondering why kids are so crazy about Hi-5. Jerlene is no different from other kids. That day when we were at Tampines Giant, right next to the entrance there is a corner selling VCD/DVD. And on the TV, it was showing a Hi-5 program. As we walked past the TV, Jerlene's eye glued to the screen. We left her there and pretended to leave, she totally ignored us. Really not sure what is so attractive about Hi-5. So in order to understand the reason, I bought a Hi-5 DVD home to test on Jerlene. It seems like Jerlene is attracted by the singing of Hi-5. When they were talking, Jerlene would turn away to play her toys but when the singing starts, her eyes will automatically glued to the screen. I guess the next time Hi-5 come to Singapore, I will be one of those parents who would queue early early for the tickets in order to get the best seat....haha.... :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

18 Nov 2007 - My Gym Open House

After we had our brunch today, we decided to go Causeway Point to shop a bit. When we reached there, it was very crowded and we hate crowded places. As such, we walked across the road to Civic Centre which was a lot less crowded. It has been quite sometimes since we last went to Civic Centre and it has changed quite a bit. We slowly walked up the levels and when we reached the sixth floor, we saw a children Play Gym by the name of "My Gym". Coincidentally, today is its Open House and we are allowed to bring Jerlene in for a free trial. Initially, Jerlene is a bit tense and she dare not move about. But after a few minutes of "warming up", she started to get wild. She likes to crawl up the slope very much and she can do it quite swiftly. When we sat around in a circle and each parent started to introduce their kids, we then realize Jerlene is the youngest among all. The staff of "My Gym" was surprised to see Jerlene standing up by herself without support. Without realizing, we actually spent more than an hour in the Gym. At the end of the session, Jerlene is extremely tired. She slept in her car seat even before I left the car park.

17 Nov 2007 - Getting down the bed

In the past one week, Jerlene seems to realize the "danger" of falling off the edge of the bed. Whenever I walked out of the room, she will start looking around for me and the moment she crawled to the edge of the bed, she will stop and start crying for me. And today, she achieved something which I've yet to teach her but she somehow did it by herself. Yes, as the subject says, she managed to get down the bed the correct way. I'm very surprised because I have not taught her how to do it....wonder where did she learn it from or is it really by instinct? So now, when she crawled to the edge of the bed, she will start turning her body around and slowly move her leg down the side of the bed. The video below shows how she did it with a little help but she managed to do it all by herself several times. I'm glad that she can now analyse the situation and find ways to achieve the objective. Great work, Jerlene!!!!! :-)

Friday, November 16, 2007

14 Nov 2007 - Goodbye Focus and Welcome Grand Vitara

Today is the last day that I'll be driving my Ford Focus. After driving it for almost 4 years, I'm quite satisfied with its performance. One thing that is quite unforgettable about this car is that on the day of collection, I striked 4D that same night.....haha...... And within a year's time, I striked two more times....... However, just like human being, car also got its lifespan and it has been giving me quite a number of issues recently. Furthermore, its warranty is over and I expect the maintenance to be very high in the coming months. As such, I have to send it away and get a replacement!!!!! So let's bid goodbye to Ford Focus and Welcome my new Grand Vitara!!!!! (Sigh.....tonight 4D never kena......hehe.....)

One thing about Grand Vitara is that it is a bit too high for Tracy. She has problem getting up and down of the car, especially when she is wearing skirt. And now she has problem carrying Jerlene into the car. Anyway, although its size is huge, I must say I'm quite impressed by its handling. Hopefully it can be as reliable as my ex-Focus, at least for 3-4 years. :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

11 Nov 2007 - Virtual Tour of Jerlene's Playroom

Jerlene's playroom finally got a new facelift. Personally I find that it is nicer and more comfortable now. Let's take a quick virtual tour of the room...

Jerlene seems to be very "sticky" to me these few days. Everytime she sees me, she will want me to carry her. The moment I stepped out of her sight, she will start to look around for me. Even when Tracy tries to entertain her, she still kept "askng" for me. Too bad Jerlene now only know how to say "Ma Ma". And yes, that's what she called me right now. Maybe that's because all the while I've been behaving like a real Mama to her........ I'm still waiting for the day when she call me "Pa Pa" and knowingly. :-)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 Nov 2007 - Fun on Mini Rides!!!

Now that the wallpaper is up in Jerlene's playroom, Tracy and I started to get very enthusiastic to do up Jerlene's playroom. We have some plans on how to decorate the room. So we went to Tampines Ikea, Courts and Giant this afternoon to buy the necessary stuffs. However, we did not get all that we want as certain item is out of stock.

When we entered level 1 of Courts, we saw those mini rides again. There are Bob the Builder, Barney and Thomas the Tank Engine. Jerlene is again having so much fun on these ride and I cannot stop taking those pretty moments. Enjoy the series of photos below........

Thomas the Tank Engine Series:

Barney Series:

Bob the Builder Series:

When I got time, I will compose a comic strip for this Bob the Builder series.......haha.......

9 Nov 2007 - Disney Wallpaper is up!

If you remembered two weeks back, I bought a Disney Wallpaper for Jerlene's playroom and today is the installation. When the men came and about to put up the wallpaper, we realized that the width of the Wallpaper is about 10cm less than that of the wall. After some measuring, we found out that we had given a slightly wrong dimension on the day of purchase. So no choice, there will be a small portion of the wall that cannot be covered by the wallpaper. Anyway, after the wallpaper was put up, it's actually not too bad and we already have quite a number of ideas how to cover the part of the wall that is "exposed". This is the design on the wallpaper in Jerlene's playroom...

7 Nov 2007 - What a sleeping posture

Nowadays after Jerlene goes into her dreamland on our bed at night, I will carry her to her cot. But every morning when I woke up, she will always end up on our bed again. Usually when she's about to wake up, she will lift up her head to check whether Tracy and I are around. If we are still beside her, she most likely will go back to sleep. Otherwise, she will make some noise to "attract" us back to the room. This morning when I woke up, I saw Jerlene in this posture. I wonder if she is dreaming of something.......

Friday, November 9, 2007

6 Nov 2007 - Jerlene's teeth development

Tracy told me today that she saw more teeth appearing from Jerlene's gum. However, when I asked Jerlene to open up her mouth and let daddy see, she kept refusing. Then I got no choice but to act like a clown to make her laugh. Only then I managed to see that Jerlene already got about six teeth. Out of curiosity, I looked through the internet to find more info on baby's teeth development. Below is what I found.
It seems like Jerlene's teeth development more or less does follow the above order and time of appearance. Recently, Jerlene also started biting my hand. And it's not just play play you know, she really pull my hand towards her mouth and start biting at it, like eating chicken thigh....... I must be extra careful whenever I let her support using my hand.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

4 Nov 2007 - Toys-R-Us is one of Jerlene's favourite

Ever since Jerlene is 3 weeks old, we have been bringing her out every weekends without fail. There were one or two weekends where we left home quite late in the afternoon, you can see that for the entire morning, Jerlene has been quite gloomy. And the moment you carried her, she gets very excited, thinking that we are going out soon.

Anyway, today we went to VivoCity as I was told there is a HSBC roadshow with good interest for time deposit. However, it's just some gimmicks.....they are mainly promoting their insurance policies...... After that, we brought Jerlene to the playground but it's quite hot in the open. So we decided to go back indoor and went to Toys-R-Us. Jerlene got very excited the moment I stepped into the place. Every shelves that I walked past she will try to reach out to the toys. When I let her down on the floor, she will crawl to the toys and pull them off the lower shelf. And when Tracy and I pretend to leave, she will look at us but her hand is still firmly holding onto the toys. Luckily Jerlene gets distracted very easily now so she won't cry when I carried her up and walked to other sections.

When we were about to leave VivoCity, at the basement, there are those mini merry-go-round and other rides. I remember when I was a kid, those rides only cost 20cents per ride. I was shocked when I saw that nowadays, it costs $1 per ride. Anyway, Jerlene is still too small to take the ride now. One thing is that she seems to be very interested in steering wheel. Perhaps in future, she will become the first female F1 driver in the world??? Haha.......

Saturday, November 3, 2007

3 Nov 2007 - My adorable Princess

Early this morning, we are all prepared to head towards Suntec for the Hey Baby 2007 contest. We are supposed to be there by 10:30am but due to heavy traffic on CTE, we were 10 mins late. When we reached the place, OMG, the queue for reporting is unbelievably long. There are about 180 babies registered for the Most Adorable Baby contest. The registration is super slow and it's really inefficient. We actually queued for about 1.5hrs before we got our number (A139). We decided to go for our lunch first because at that time, the baby on stage is only number A40, still got about 100 babies to go before Jerlene's turn.

After lunch, I brought Jerlene into the waiting area before going up to stage. At that time, I can see most of the babies were already very tired. Some even fell asleep before going up to stage. Jerlene also started to get a bit impatient after the long wait. Finally we went on stage and one by one, the contestants brought their babies to the front of the stage for the three judges to see. However, I find that the judges are too far away to make a good judgement. Furthermore, I can see them getting tired of seeing so many babies liao and the male judges got that "bo chap" look. Anyway, the two female comperes will ask a few questions to each mom or dad on stage. Jerlene and I finally had our moment on stage......

Although Jerlene did not go through to the final, I'm very proud of her and it's really a fabulous experience. She will always be my Most Adorable Baby whom no others can match.....haha..... Very proud hor....... :-)

Jerlene, daddy 永远支持你!!!!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

2 Nov 2007 - Best voted Photo

The voting for Jerlene's best photo has just ended. There are a total of 24 votes and the winning photo is none other than photo 3 - Jerlene "the adorable koala"!!!!! It won by having 12 votes, which is 50% of the total votes. Once again, thanks to all who have voted!!! :-)

Tomorrow (3 Nov) is the Hey Baby 2007 contest. It will be held at the Tropics Atrium in Suntec City. Think the contest starts at 11am though I'm told to be there by 10:30am. Other than the contest, there will be other fun games too. Also, you may have chance to get close up with some of our MediaCorp artistes.

Anyway, no matter what the result will be, Jerlene will always be my Most Adorable baby!!!!!