Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Friday, July 31, 2015

30 Jul 2015 - Playing the trombone

Jerlene joins the school band this year and the teacher assigned her to play the trombone.  This "trumpet" lookalike instrument seems a bit too big for her.  However, she was quite comfortable handling it.
This is the first time she brought the instrument home to practise.  It's actually quite difficult to even make a sound from this gigantic instrument.  I tried it a few times and failed miserably.
Let's see how well she can play a trombone with mommy playing the piano in the background.
Well done, Jerlene!  Can't wait to see you perform on stage!

26 Jul 2015 - World's smallest Nano Quadcopter

We bought a mini quadcopter (drone) recently and took it for a trial flight this afternoon.  From some youtube videos, it seem easy to control but trust me, it not easy at all.
Without fail, the quadcopter will crash few seconds after taking off.  Javier was having fun chasing and avoiding the mini drone.

26 Jul 2015 - Nice haircut for both

Jerlene and Javier's hair was getting long and we took them for a haircut today.
Javier looks clean and cool after the haircut.
As for Jerlene, she looks prettier.  Hair really plays an important part in a person's look.

23 Jul 2015 - Streamers Dance

Javier brought back a job bag from school few days back.  There were straws and ribbons in the bag and the job task is to create his very own streamers.  After decorating his streamers by pasting patterns that he created on the ribbons, the job was almost done.
The last task was to think of some dance moves using the streamers.  He got to perform it in school today.  The following was his favourite moves.

21 Jul 2015 - Racial Harmony Day

Today is Racial Harmony Day and Javier was on his way to school in his traditional Chinese clothes.  Somehow he looked very sleepy this morning.

19 Jul 2015 - Power of Minecraft

If you go around asking young kids if they know what Minecraft is, they will probably get very excited and have lots to talk about.  Jerlene and Javier are getting "hooked" to it in recent weeks.  Fortunately, they are discipline enough to only play during weekends.

However, once they started playing, they will ignore everything else.  And the only way to communicate with them is as follows.........yes.....join them and talk to them in-game.  :-P
I am sure there are parents out there who had such similar experience as me.  Right?

17 Jul 2015 - Cousin's gathering

We had a cousin's gathering at our place this evening.  The main event was BBQ at our roof terrace,
Without fail, every time when we had BBQ, dark clouds start to gather above us.
Fortunately, the clouds dispersed after a while and we were able to start our fire.
Jerlene and Javier started to enjoy BBQ food now, especially the chicken wings
After dinner, we went back downstairs for some games.  Big kids played bridge and mahjong while young kids played their tablet games.  Before we called it a day, we took a few great wefies!  Nice!

11 Jul 2015 - Birthday Party at McDonalds

Jerlene and Javier attended a birthday party at McDoanlds this evening.  This is probably the fourth or fifth birthday party that they had attended this year.  It's Jerlene's classmate's birthday but nowadays siblings are invited too.  They had a great time feasting and playing during the 2 hours party,

4 Jul 2015 - Javier the Chef, or was it Jerlene?

Javier the chef is here again taking down our orders for dinner.
Actually he's just a waiter though he's wearing a chef hat and an apron.  The actual chef was Jerlene who was cooking in a kitchen that they had built in our living room.

4 Jul 2015 - NDP Rehearsal 2015

It's the time of the year again, the National Day Parade (NDP) rehearsal.  For the coming one month, we will be seeing fighter jets zooming past our roof as part of the NDP performance.
We can also vaguely see our national flag fly past the Padang area.