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Sunday, April 30, 2017

30 Apr 2017 - Sydney and Cruise to New Caledonia Trip Video (Gangnam Style)

Once again, this is our belated video compilation on our last overseas trip to Sydney and Cruise to New Caledonia from 9-25 Dec 2016.  Actually I've already started planning for this year's trip.  As such I had to rush this out before our coming trip in a month's time.

So now sit back, relax and enjoy this video!

30 Apr 2017 - Top Students Joke

Below was a conversation between Javier and me while driving out for lunch.

Javier:  "Mummy said Nanyang, Raffles and Rosyth are some of the more popular primary schools in Singapore."
Me:  "Do you know that a few years ago, there were some top students from your school?"
Javier:  "Oh.....I think I know.  I saw their photos in my school."
Me:  "Ya....maybe it's them."
Javier:  "But they are old."
Me:  "Old?  How can it be?  It's just a few years ago.  They should still be studying."
Javier:  "Really, they look old from the photos."

Thinking of all the possibilities, I asked him.......

Me:  "Where did you see the photos in your school?"
Javier:  "On the wall in General Office."

We all burst into laughter..........

Me:  "Oh my god, they are our Singapore President and First Lady lar!!!!!"
Javier:  "Huh??  Really??"
ALL:  "Hahahahahhhhahhhahhhh!!!!!!"
Me:  "Javier, you trying to be funny, is it?!??!"

Javier gave us an evil grin.........

Joke of the day!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

23 Apr 2017 - Skate Scooting at Punggol Park

We had prata lunch at Srisun Express @ Kovan today.  Jerlene and Javier were quite sad because this will be our last time eating there as this branch will be closed permanently starting tomorrow.  They have another branch at Serangoon Garden which we had not tried before.

After lunch, we decided to take a short break at Punggol Park.
Jerlene and Javier went skate scooting while we just relaxed by the small lake at the park.  Fortunately the weather was quite cooling while we were there.

17 Apr 2017 - More videos created by Javier

Our young YouTuber, Javier, had just created 3 more videos recently.  First is the Episode 2 of Minecraft Extreme Beedrill Parkour.
While he was recording, he actually put up a sign with the word "On Air" so that we stay quiet and do not disturb his recording.  There were a few times when I accidentally dropped something on the floor with a loud bang and got "scolding" from him.  :-P

Other than minecraft videos, he now started another game called Crossy Road.  Below are two of his newly created Crossy Road videos.
Do subscribe to his YouTube channel and stay tune for his next video!  :-)

16 Apr 2017 - Taekwando Grading (Green Belt Blue Tip)

It's Taekwando grading for Javier again.  As usual, we arrived at Toa Payoh Sports Hall about an hour before the grading time.  The class did their warm-up exercises outside the hall before entering for their exams.
Javier was pretty confident this time round because during the past few lessons, he's the only one who can remember all the steps while most of his classmates just "copied" what he did.
Here's the video of the grading.  Should not have an issue for the class to pass this grading.

10 Apr 2017 - What is Beautiful Yet Scary?

Yes, Lightning!  Whenever there is a thunderstorm while I'm at home, I will try to capture the lightning from our roof terrace.
It's beautiful yet fatal when struck.  That's the beauty and power of our mother nature.

8 Apr 2017 - Building up our roof shelter

Our roof shelter is finally up!  We have been wanting to build one since many years back.  With this shelter, we can now continue with our BBQ even during wet weather,
According to BCA guidelines, the shelter can only be extended out up to 2 metres from the wall, which we followed strictly to it.  Initially we intended to extend out by 3 metres but was rejected by our condo management office.  Anybody keen to have a rooftop BBQ?  :-)

3 Apr 2017 - Learning Journey to the Airport

Javier's class embarked on a Learning Journey to Changi Airport today.  This is part of the curriculum for lower Primary classes.
At the airport, the children formed into groups and there were activities to be completed by each group.  Looked interesting.

2 Apr 2017 - Angry Birds Fishcake

We had our dinner today at Sakae Sushi and Javier ordered a plate of Angry Birds!!!!  It's actually Japanese style fishcakes.  :-)