Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 May 2011 - Amazing IPhone savvy kids nowaday

iPhone has changed the lifestyle of many people. It's not only affecting the grown-ups, kids as young as 2 years old are now addicted to iPhone games. My princess (4 years old) and prince (2 years old) are just two of the many kids out there who love iPhone games. In the past, I have never imagined a two years old kid will know how to navigate an iPhone until I saw Javier doing it. He can now navigate through iPhone menu, open a folder, launch a game, play the game, get out of the game, change to another folder and game, so on and so forth. I don't think my parents can do it like Javier. They'll probably be very lost if I hand them the iPhone. See the video below on how Javier touches, slides and drags his fingers on the iPhone screen.
I guess by the time this generation of kids go to school, they can already start simple programming.......... I really think it's possible.

29 May 2011 - Lunch at Marche, fun in Vivocity

We were at Marche, Vivocity, for our lunch. Kids meal is only $9.90, including a meal and a drink. We ordered a plate and pasta, a plate of rosti and half a crispy pork knuckle. While waiting for the food, Jerlene and Javier each had a set of Marche colouring cards and pencils to keep them entertained. They love the rosti very much. Nice......

After lunch, we took a slow walk to harbourfront before heading back to Vivocity playground. Jerlene and Javier had a balloon each from Marche and were running around with it in the mall.
The moment Jerlene saw the playground, she's on her own. She's an "experienced" playground goer now and I can simply leave her alone. Look at the way she played on the slide, she got her own style...... :-)
As for Javier, I had to keep a close watch on him. We spent about an hour there. As we walked back to the mall, Javier was totally exhausted. And guessed what, he totally "knocked out" while standing in the cashier queue with us at Marks and Spencer. So funny.

28 May 2011 - Aerial Display by RSAF

It was Singapore Air Force (RSAF) open house these few days. Members of the public can check out the military hardware like F-15SG, F-16C/D and much more. Everyday, there were also 2 sessions of aerial display, which includes parachuting, fighter jet fly pass and a simulated rescue mission involving aircraft such as Apache, Chinook and Super Puma.

From our rooftop, we were able to view some of the display. It wasn't very clear though......

Monday, May 30, 2011

27 May 2011 - Jerlene's 2nd Sports Day

I took morning leave to attend Jerlene's Childcare Sports Day 2011. The programme started off with some warming up exercises, led by the centre's supervisor. Following that were the various games by different classes.

All the classes had a game each except for Jerlene's N2 class, which had 2 games to compete.

The Sports Day ended with Jerlene's 2nd game. All the children queued up to go back to their class.

16 May 2011 - My "傻仔"

Everytime I look at this photo, the word “傻仔”(in cantonese) will come into my mind. But he's cute....yah?

15 May 2011 - Close encounter with monkeys at Upper Pierce Reservoir

After having our prata lunch at the Prate Shop along Upper Thomson Road, we decided to drive to the nearby Upper Pierce Reservoir for a walk. On our way, we passed by a road where many wild monkeys were resting by the roadside. Many cars normally stopped there to have a close look at the monkeys. I stopped there as well and the kids were fascinated by the monkeys. One monkey even jumped on top of my car and attempted to reach into my car.

We stopped there for about 15mins before proceeding to Upper Pierce Reservoir. This is a great relaxing destination for the entire family, provided the weather is not too hot. Many people were netting small fishes at the edge of the reservoir.

While we were resting at a shelter, a monkey approached us. Jerlene and Javier were so excited and kept shouting "Monkey Monkey"!!!!!

This was yet another great day out!

14 May 2011 - It's BBQ time again!

As there were still quite a lot of BBQ food left over from the previous session, we decided to finish it all today. We started fire at round 5:30pm after the performance by my angels. In an hour's time, the food was ready.

The chicken wings, sambal sotong and sambal stingray were delicious!!!!!

14 May 2011 - Pre-Dinner Entertainment by my angels

Before we had our BBQ dinner, Jerlene and Javier were in good mood and entertained us with their songs and dances. Javier had learnt most of the dance moves from Jerlene. The moment I started singing those popular nurseries, Javier started dancing around. Have captured two songs in video below, namely Incy Wincy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. For the latter, Javier tried to show off his memory and completed his dance routine before I finished the song.

Following that, Jerlene had her turn to sing Rain Rain Go Away.

14 May 2011 - GE 2011

Singapore General Election 2011 has come to a close last week. Today, the ruling party PAP went round the various constituencies to show their appreciation. The MPs were sitting on an open top bus and went round the estate, waving to the residents.

8 May 2011 - Happy Mother's Day!

Just want to say:

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mama!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

6 May 2011 - A gift for Mama

Jerlene came back from school today with a little gift for mama. It's a paper flower with love as Mother's Day is just round the corner.

2 May 2011 - It's Bubbles time again!

As the title says........

1 May 2011 - My angels' Creativity

This is Jerlene the train driver. She used one of her toy as the controller and her little chair leg as a hand brake.

And this is Javier the builder. He used two mattresses to build a house of his own.

What can I say.........