Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 Mar 2011 - Happy 2 Years Old, Javier!

Today, Javier had turned 2 years old! We had a mini birthday celebration at my sis's place.


29 Mar 2011 - Family day trip to JB

We had a family day trip to Johor Bahru today. This was Javier's first time going into Malaysia and at least the third time for Jerlene. We left home at about 11am so by the time we reached our destination, Tebrau City, it's just nice to have our lunch.

We had our lunch at a small restaurant that mainly sells Macau food. It's nice and cheap (after converting to SGD). :-)

After lunch, Jerlene and Javier were in a good mood as they were holding hands while window shopping. However, that only lasted for about 10mins. After which, Javier refused to let Jerlene hold his hand anymore.

Next we went to the anchor tenant of Tebrau City, Jusco. There is an indoor playground which is very cheap, compared to those in Singapore. For first 20mins, it's only RM3. Subsequent 10mins is RM1. We were there for about an hour and I only paid RM12. It's definitely worth it as all of us, including myself, enjoyed our time there.

The best part was in the bouncing castle, which is also my childhood dream. I never had a chance to play in a bouncing castle during my childhood, so my dream is finally fulfilled now. Javier and Jerlene were very wild jumping around and they intentionally make a fall knowing that they won't get hurt. The way Javier fell was very :-)

Just outside the indoor playground was an arcade. Jerlene and Javier had several rounds of mini bowling sessions.

After all the fun, it's now time to relax a bit and we drove across the road to another mall, Tesco, to do some household shopping. We bought quite a number of stuffs which are cheaper than buying them in Singapore. We left the place at a about 6pm.

This was a great family day trip. :-)

27 Mar 2011 - Kids just cannot resist balloons

We went to my friend's baby full month celebration today. As we were approaching the place, there was a huge jam caused by people going to 光明山for 清明节. By the time we reached, it's already close to 2pm. As we were having our food, Javier and Jerlene spotted some balloons in the corner. Very quickly we went over and each brought back a balloon. For the next half an hour they were fully occupied with the balloons. Their actions attracted other kids who also joined in the fun.

After the celebration, we went to visit my MIL.

20 Mar 2011 - Don't want, don't want.....

Since few weeks back, Javier started saying "Don't want, don't want" whenever he dislikes something. The way he said it is quite funny. Sometimes when I purposely disturb him, he will turn his head to one side and said "Don't want"..... So amusing. :-)

18 Mar 2011 - Javier got his "cool" cut again!

My parents had been complaining to me that Javier's hair was too long for quite sometimes. Since I was on leave today, I brought him to Compass Point for a haircut. When he saw the equipment in the shop, he did not even dare to step in. With that, I knew that this is going to be a "tough" haircut. Very soon, it's our turn. Initially I managed to use a sweet to "tame" him and carried him up to the chair. However the moment the hairdresser started cutting, he immediately turned his head away. I had no choice but to forcefully hold his head in position. He tried to cry but because there was a sweet in his mouth, he couldn't really do it. With him struggling, the easiest haircut is.......of course Botak! Anyway, since there are so many people praise that Javier looks good with "cool" cut, there is no second thought. Once the job was done, he immediately stopped crying and back to his cheerful self.

15 Mar 2011 - A day out with my princess

Jerlene's childcare was closed today (teacher's training day). I took leave to have a day out with my princess. First we went to take MRT from Serangoon to Paya Lebar station, where we changed to a westbound train to Bugis station, our destination. This was Jerlene's first time on a MRT (without a stroller). It has been quite a while since I last came to Bugis Junction. We walked around for about half an hour before taking a train back to Nex. The library at Nex just opened few days back. So that's where we were heading to. In the evening, Tracy joined us for dinner at Toast Box. After which, we went to Jerlene's childcare as there was a briefing on a ownership transfer of Intellect Childcare to Cherie Heart Group. Of course most parent's main concern is whether there will be fee raise, or whether there will be a change of teachers. We were told that all operations will remain for at least this year.

5 Mar 2011 - Nice cloud formation

We had an early dinner at our roof terrace before the sky turned dark. The atmosphere was great and there's a nice cloud formation above us. We even saw a rainbow by the cloud for about a minute.

However, beautiful things normally do not last long. Within minutes, a whole bunch of dark clouds floated over and it started raining. We quickly packed up and went downstairs.