Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, August 31, 2014

31 Aug 2014 - Thirty year old authentic Hello Kitty toys

Jerlene was feeling excited today as her mommy was going to unveil her thirty year old Hello Kitty toys.  Tracy got hold of all these toys during her primary school days.  It was kept in very good condition and most important thing is they are authentic.
Jerlene spent the next 2-3 hours trying to setup all the houses and buildings for Hello Kitty and friends.
I believe it will be very difficult to find these sets of Hello Kitty toys elsewhere and even if they exist, it'll probably be quite costly.  Just a note to all those Hello Kitty fans out there, these sets of toys are strictly not for sale.......  :-P

30 Aug 2014 - A day at the Zoo

We have been planning for this outing since few weeks back.  Jerlene and Javier had been counting down to this day.  They were extremely excited the moment we stepped into the zoo.  Below are some of the amazing animals that we in the day.
Animals are not the main attraction to the kids in the zoo.  What they were looking forward to is the water play area.  We spent close to two hours here before they agreed reluctantly to leave.
In the afternoon, it started to rain very heavily.  As there was no sign of rain stopping, we put on our raincoat and walked in the rain towards the zoo exit.  Other than the bad weather, this was another great outing for my entire family.  :-)

18 Aug 2014 - Dreaming to be a princess

All the while, Jerlene has been dreaming of becoming a princess.  And this evening, she put on her Tiara, a Wand and even use her blanket to wrap around herself pretending to be a pretty nice long gown.  I believe those parents who have a girl of this age will understand.  And you must be putting a big smile on your face right now.....  :-)

17 Aug 2014 - A four legged visitor

We have a four legged visitor today.  It's a lizard but looks a bit different from those common house lizard that we normally see.  Both Jerlene and Javier are not afraid of lizards.  When Javier saw this, he even wanted to use his hand to catch it.  Fortunately I was there to stop him.  It disappeared the next day.

16 Aug 2014 - Outsourcing can happen at home and at any age

Outsourcing is a norm in most organization nowadays.  Do you know that kids at home are also practicing outsourcing?  Jerlene did exactly that today.  I asked Jerlene if she can make a rainbow loom for me.  Without even thinking, she said OK!  Next moment, when I stood outside her room, I heard Jerlene instructing my helper to make the loom.  She had taught my helper how to make simple loom few weeks back.  And now, all she needs to do is to give the specification.  The specs consists of colours, number of bands as well as the loom types.  And within 15mins, she brought the loom to me and said:"Daddy, here it is"!  At the moment, I was thinking whether I should expose her that she did not do it herself.  In the end, I didn't.........  :-)

9 Aug 2014 - Sogurt Frozen Yogurt

Jerlene came along with us to Nex shopping mall this afternoon.  One of her 表姨 is working in a yogurt shop and we asked if she would like to try.  Initially she said no but the moment we stepped into the shop, she saw that it looks just like ice cream and decided to try.  After her first try, there was no stopping and she carried on trying all the different flavors and toppings, thanks to her Rachel 表姨.
I tried it myself and the yogurt is good.  The shop is Sogurt Frozen Yogurt at Level 4 Nex.  It's pretty popular, especially among teenagers.

8 Aug 2014 - Jerlene's 1st Sports Day in Rosyth

It's National Day eve today and it's also Jerlene's first Sports Day in Rosyth School.  Parents were invited to watch their kids competing in the field.  We were there pretty early and waited at the field for quite a while before the children arrived.  I was surprised to see Jerlene playing the anchor role in her team.
Here are some of the highlights featuring Jerlene.
Final result:  Jerlene's team got 2nd place overall.
This was Jerlene's first ever medal.  Well done, Jerlene!  :-)

3 Aug 2014 - Celebrating Jie Jie's Birthday

It's our helper's birthday tomorrow but we decided to have a mini celebration a day earlier on a Sunday.  Since morning, Jerlene and Javier had been very busy decorating our house.  All around our house we can see banners such as the below.
In the afternoon, they were very excited as we were at the bakery choosing a birthday cake.  They spent more than 10mins to decide between two cakes.  Note that the two cakes are the same except for the colour of the cream puffs on the cake.....sigh......
Anyway, they all happy can liao......  :-)

2 Aug 2014 - Parent-Child-Teacher Conference

After Jerlene's ballet class today, we went for our lunch before going to Rosyth School to attend the Parent-Child-Teacher Conference.  It's held in Jerlene's classroom and she was supposed to present a speech to us in front of the teachers.  She seemed very shy which is unlike her usual self.  The following video is her speech to us.

2 Aug 2014 - Mommy got a surprise gift from Javier

Javier came into our room while holding a stick in his hand.  Suddenly he told mommy that he had made a flower for her.  On closer look, we saw the stick was coloured in green and at the tip of the stick was a flower made of paper.  There was also leaves on the "stem".  It's really a surprise for us, especially mommy.  Thank you, Javier!  So mommy got a flower, what about daddy?  :-P

2 Aug 2014 - Another DISTINCTION! Great job, Jerlene!

Today, Jerlene got back the result of her Pre Primary Ballet exam which she took in March this year.  And once again, she attained a Distinction grade with a score of 49.5 out of a total of 50.  In her exam last year, she scored 49/50.  I never expect she would improve further from that result but she had proven me wrong.  I'm really glad that she enjoys ballet and at the same time doing it so well.  Jerlene, you have made me proud!  Well Done and keep up the good work!