Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

28 Aug 2016 - Good to be optimistic

This afternoon, while we were on our way to lunch, Javier suddenly exclaimed:"Oh! My egg is hatching!".  He was actually referring to the egg in his Pokemon Go game.  And guess what, the egg hatched into a PIDGEY!  We all laughed out loud but Javier's reaction surprised us all.

He said:"It's a Pidgey!  Yay.....I need more Pidgey candies to evolve my Pidgeotto!".

I must say he is really optimistic.  :-)

28 Aug 2016 - Javier's Extra Curricular activity other than Wushu

Every Sunday, Javier has been requesting to go to his Wushu class early.  Initially I thought he just wants to be there early to play with his friends.  However I was wrong.  Today, I followed him to the Multi Purpose Hall and finally found the real reason.  He was actually there to coach his friend in doing her Mathematics homework.  What a surprise!
After the class, I asked him what exactly he was doing before the class starts.  He confirmed that his friend kept asking him to help her in her Maths homework.  I gave him a BIG thumbs up.  Well done, Javier!  So proud of him.  :-)

27 Aug 2016 - East Coast Park

Our dear neighbour had recently moved out.  When I told Jerlene and Javier that we were going to meet up with them, they were overjoyed!  As we were all pokemon trainers, we arranged to meet up at East Coast Park.
It has been quite a while since we last came to East Coast Park.  The entire place has changed so much.  There is a huge playground which was packed with kids.
After spending sometimes at the playground, we went to a nearby restaurant to have our dinner.  Children, give me your best shot!  Cheese......
Our chicken rice dinner was followed by McDonald's ice cream before we call it a day.  We will meet again.

21 Aug 2016 - Dinner and Fish Feeding at SIA Sports Club

After our satisfying pokemon expedition at Changi Beach, we went to SIA Sports Club, which is a short distance away, to enjoy a satisfying dinner.
There were ponds outside of the restaurant with hundreds of fishes waiting to be fed.  We bought a pack of fish food for Jerlene and Javier to feed the fishes.  They really enjoyed it.

20-21 Aug 2016 - Pokemon hunting weekend

We decided to have a pokemon hunting weekend.  We heard that Hougang block 401 was a popular spot.  So after our lunch, we went there and take a look.  Though I have already heard so much about the crowd there, I was still a bit shock when I personally sees it.  We spent about an hour there and caught a lot of pokemons but mostly the common ones.
The next day, we changed our hunting ground to Changi Beach, which is another popular spot among pokemon trainers.  When I came to this beach previously, it was generally empty.  Today, I almost could not recognise the place because it was so crowded.  I must say this place is a much better hunting ground than Hougang as we managed to catch more uncommon ones.  Also, lots of Pikachu appears here.

20 Aug 2016 - My 1st attempt in tying a hair bun

This was my very first attempt in tying a hair bun for Jerlene before her ballet class.  I thought it was pretty good but sadly, it got "rejected" by Jerlene......  :-(

19 Aug 2016 - Punggol Waterway Point

After an hour of workout at the Trampoline Park, we drove to Punggol Waterway Point for dinner.  We had our dinner at London Fat Duck restaurant.  Jerlene and Javier loved the Char Siew (Roasted Pork) and we ordered a second plate.

After dinner, we walked out to the riverside to catch some pokemons.  There were many people already gathered there.
As the surrounding was quite scenic, we decided to take a wefie but Javier went into hiding........

19 Aug 2016 - Skyhigh Trampoline Park

The school was closed today due to PSLE oral examination.  In the afternoon, we decided to bring Jerlene and Javier out for some workout at the Trampoline Park.  This is the second time we went there.  We had so much fun the last time we came so when they heard that we are going again, they were over the moon.
Once again, we almost had the entire place to ourselves.
Let's see how our kids, especially Javier, perform on the trampoline.

14 Aug 2016 - Cup stacking with girl next door

Javier was having an enjoyable cups stacking session with his "girlfriend" from next door.  :-)
Javier wanted to spend more time playing with her because she will be moving out soon.  Javier was so sad when he learnt about this news few weeks back.

13 Aug 2016 - Parent-Child-Teacher Conference (PCTC)

There was a Parent-Child-Teacher Conference this morning where Javier presented a speech to us in front of his teachers.  What we did not expect is that the school principal was also there as an observer for a few minutes.  Comment from his teachers was that they were happy to have Javier in their classes.  Apparently, Javier was quite active during class discussion and he had been seen coaching his classmates pretty often.  Well done, Javier!

11 Aug 2016 - Pork and Chop

When we reached home this evening, Tracy saw the below dish (supposed to be Pork Chop) on the table and strikes a funny conversation with Javier.
Mommy:"Javier, do you think the Pork Chop look a bit different today?"
Mommy:"How does it taste?"
Javier:"Taste ok."
Mommy:"Doesn't it taste different?"
Javier:"Err....the pork tastes the same but the chop tastes different."
Mommy:"Huh???!?!!  Oh.....haha........"

Javier knew what the word "pork" means but he actually thought the word "chop" in "pork chop" means the "skin"  :-)

10 Aug 2016 - Pika Pika Pikachu

Jerlene and Javier started their Pokemon quest today.  Instead of starting with the default three pokemons namely Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, they got Pikachu as their first pokemon by using a trick which I just discovered from the internet.  They were so happy because Pikachu is probably the most popular pokemon among all.  Sad to say, I haven't caught one yet......sigh.....

8 Aug 2016 - Rosyth Sports Day 2016

Today is the eve of National Day.  As usual, it's also Sports Day in Rosyth School for P1 and P2 students.  Parents were invited to watch their kids participating in the various events.
Below are the highlights of Javier's participation.
At the end of the events, every student was presented with a medal.
While Javier was at the field, Jerlene and her P3 classmates were in their classroom making banner.

6 Aug 2016 - "Gotta Catch 'Em All" Officially Launch in SG

Over the past one month, Pokemon fans in Singapore had been looking forward to the launch of "Pokemon Go" mobile game.  Today, it finally launched officially.  Though I'm not really a die-hard fan, I did play Pokemon game when it was launched on Gameboy many years back.  And with the hypes all over the internet, I was pretty eager to try it out.  Below are some of the pokemons that I caught early today.
It's quite interesting how this game made use of Augmented Reality (AR) where pokemon can appear anywhere in an actual surrounding.
When we walked to a playground, we saw many people (not kids) gathered around with eyes glued to their mobile device.  I'm sure this is going to be a trend at least for the next few months.