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Saturday, July 24, 2010

6 Jul 2010 - Fukuoka Day 4: Hui Ten Bosch

We activated our Kyushu railpass today and our first trip out of Fukuoka is Hui Ten Bosch. As there is specific timings for the train departure, we need to time our schedule properly. The journey to Hui Ten Bosch is close to 2 hours. There is a direct train, which departs at about 9:30am, to Hui Ten Bosch.

When we reached Hui Ten Bosch station, it's about 11:30am. After alighting the train, first thing we looked out for is the elevator. However, there is none in this station. Fortunately, there is wheelchair access for the stairs.

Huis Ten Bosch is a residential-style resort built after a mediaeval 17th century Dutch town. Palace Huis Ten Bosch, built with special permission from the royal family, is a reproduction of the residence of Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands. In English, Huis Ten Bosch means “House in the forest.” And true to its name this residential-style resort has canals running throughout, is surrounded by greenery, forests, amusements, shops, restaurants, five distinct hotels, a marina and residential area.This spacious 152-hectare resort, roughly the same size as Monaco, is striving to become the top flower resort in the world and flowers in full bloom can be found all throughout the year.Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, each season transforms this European resort into something completely new.

The admission to Hui Ten Bosch is JPY2,500.
The first prominent thing that we saw after entering the entrance are the windmills.

In the park there is a free zone and paying zone. The attraction in the paying zone requires a fee separately. We did not intend to visit any of these attractions till we come to one, the Miffy Land. It is an indoor playground with Miffy theme. Both Jerlene and Javier enjoyed so much and we spent about an hour in the playground. There is a big ball pool which they enjoyed the most.

We then proceed to walk to other areas before looking for a place to have our lunch. The whole place was actually very quiet. We really wonder how these theme parks can "survive" with so few visitors.

After lunch, we walked to the free zone, which includes a palace. There are several beautiful gardens at the backyard. We spent about an hour in the palace before walking back to the paying zone.

At the central of the park, there were dancers who performed on stage.

Soon it's about time to leave as we have to catch the last train back to Hakata. If we missed it, we may have to take a taxi back.

The journey back is another 2 hours and we reached Hakata at about 8pm.

We happened to catch the fountain before going back to our hotel room.
Also while walking along towards the hotel, we passed by a robot, that can speak in multiple languages and was constantly giving people information and advice. Nobody is manning the robot. Probably its path is pre-programmed.

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