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Saturday, November 27, 2010

7 Nov 2010 - Haircut nightmare

My dad and mom have been complaining about Jerlene and Javier's hair being too long for weeks. As we had been busy unpacking, we did not manage to find time until today. Actually Jerlene got her haircut yesterday at Hougang Point, which is just across the road from our apartment. However, the hairdresser said Javier was too young so refused to cut for him. As such, we had to find another salon, and the one that came to my mind is at Sembawang Shopping Centre.

We first had our breakfast at the food court. Javier still did not know what is going to happen to him........hehe.........

The moment we stepped into the salon, Javier started to sense that something is not right. He kept wanted to leave the shop and refused to come back in. When it was his turn, I had to forcefully carry him in, and that's when nightmare started.........

Once the shaver was on, Javier started to cry and struggle. Initially I had to hold onto his hand tightly. Then his leg started kicking and my helper got to hold onto his leg. With all his four limbs held tightly, he began turning his head around.........the hairdresser had to hold onto his head in order to shave for him. Fortunately, we decided to give Javier a clean cut (botak) so it;s so much easier. The entire process lasted about 20mins. Sigh.......why can't Javier like Jerlene, who can 乖乖sit there throughout the process. Maybe she knows after that, we will be a pretty princess....... :)

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