Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, October 29, 2011

30 Oct 2011 - Jerlene's territory upgraded into a castle

Today as I walked pass our staircase area, I suddenly realized some unfamiliar structures. There are a few cones sticking our from the staircase ledge. When I asked Jerlene who did it? She said, "Me.....I am building my castle"! Immediately, the images of those castle towers started floating into my mind. Jerlene now not only has expanded her territory, she has also upgraded her house into a princess castle.

29 Oct 2011 - Jerlene establishing her territory

Since few weeks back, Jerlene has established her territory under the staircase area. She claims that she "owned" the area and refused to let Javier in.
And whenever Jerlene watches DVDs, poor Javier can only stand or sit outside the gate watching through the gaps. Surprisingly, he did not complain at all.

26 Oct 2011 - Kungfu Kid trained with bubbles

This afternoon, I brought the kids up to our roof for some bubbles fun. Jerlene was blowing the bubbles while Javier tried to catch them all.
Javier's action is so cute. He's like a Kungfu Kid trained by Master Jerlene, who uses a bubbles stick.
After about an hour of training, the sky started to turn dark and cloudy. As I heard thunder and saw lightning not far from us, I had to stop the "training" session and brought them down.

25 Oct 2011 - Coconut = Pork Floss??

Recently, both Jerlene and Javier get addicted to the above. Almost every meal, we will ask for it to be put into their rice. That's not the problem. What puzzled me is that.....who taught them this is coconut??? So everytime they said they want coconut, I had to correct them that it's pork floss. Still cannot find any similarity or relationship between coconut and pork floss...... :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

22 Oct 2011 - Going under the fountain in the pool

See my Robo Princess above! Haha........

In the baby pool at my place, there was a fountain or rather "waterfall" splashing water from the wall into the pool. Javier had a new trick now where he will walk behind the waterfall and had a sense of achievement after performing the act. :-)

18 Oct 2011 - Rejected as parent volunteer

As Rosyth School is the nearest primary school to my place and it's so popular, I had applied as a parent volunteer in Apr this year. Though Jerlene still got 3 years to go before she enters primary school, Rosyth requires parent volunteer to commit to 70 hours of volunteer work over 2 years. Anyway, due to overwhelming responses, my application had been rejected. In other words, we will have to go through phase 2C balloting which has less than 50% chance of successful enrolment based on past few years trend. We have to think of contingency plan now if Jerlene really failed to get admitted into Rosyth. Sigh......that's the bad thing about the educational system in Singapore.

15 Oct 2011 - Let's go swimming

We have been going swimming almost every weekend recently. Normally, Jerlene is the one requesting for it. Today, Javier came to me and said:"Papa, go swimming pool". The swimwear that Javier is wearing now is passed down from Jerlene and it just fit. That shows Javier is growing at a faster rate then Jerlene. In fact in term of weight, I believe Javier had surpassed Jerlene slightly liao........

14 Oct 2011 - My Little Princess

Jerlene has always been dreaming of being a princess. Recently she kept telling us she wanted a princess crown. We tried to look for it for weeks but could not find one till today....... Jerlene was so excited after seeing her crown and refused to take it off that night. :-)

3 Oct 2011 - Poor Javier had bone misalignment

This evening while I was having a conference call in office, I got a call from my mom. She said Javier had fallen and seemed to have injured his hand. I was very worried because she said Javier kept crying and his hand was "untouchable". Once they touched his left hand, he will cry even louder. It sounded to me like it's either fracture or dislocation.

I left it to my colleagues to handle the conference call while I rushed back to see what happened. When I reached my parent's place, my dad was carrying him. I had to slowly and carefully carried him over because we cannot move his left hand or he will scream. I quickly drove him to KK hospital after picking up Tracy, who also rushed back from her office, from the MRT station.

The children's emergency department is packed with people. After the initial assessment, the nurse had arranged for Javier to take X-rays of his left hand. I accompanied Javier into the X-ray room and I can sense that he's a bit scared. I had to hold his hand carefully in different position for X-ray to be taken properly. After the X-ray, we were told that we had to wait for minimum 2hrs to see the doctor. This was expected after seeing the crowd. As I had not eaten my dinner, we went to the food court and waited there. Javier cried every now and then but one thing helped a lot, that's my iPhone. Though he cannot really move his left hand, he used it to support my phone while using his right hand to play. He knew how to position his left hand so that he will not feel the pain.

Finally, it's our turn to see the doctor. The doctor said the X-ray did not show any sign of fracture or dislocation. So he suspected it's probably due to a bone misalignment due to the fall and such incident is very common among kids between 1-5 years old. As he explained, he held Javier's left hand and slowly twisted it at an angle. Of course Javier started to cry. As the doctor did it, he assured us that it will be fine after 3 seconds. True enough, 3 seconds later, he let go of Javier's hand and gave Javier a sweet container, and guess what, Javier used his left hand to pick up a sweet. AMAZING! The doctor claimed that he heard a slight click sound which meant the bone had aligned back but I could not hear anything. As we left, Javier automatically used his left hand to hold my hand. Though we have waited for almost 3 hours just for a 3 seconds procedure, I'm just glad that he's ok now.

2 Oct 2011 - Another fine Sunday

Previously when we were staying in Woodlands, we had prata lunch along Sembawang road almost every week. Jerlene missed the chocolate prata there, which is different from other prata shops. Most chocolate prata that we try has the chocolate inside the prata. In this shop, the prata is the crispy type and chocolate sauce is spread all over it. As for Javier, we were surprised he prefers the paper thosai over the chocolate prata.
We then went to my MIL's place and before we left, the little ones had some fun at the playground below.