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Thursday, August 30, 2012

29 Aug 2012 - Car broke down

Today after I drove to Jerlene's childcare to pick her up, I realized that a malfunction indicator light was on in my dashboard.  Not only that, the engine temperature also reached to the max (H).  I dared not drive after that and I called a tow truck to tow my car to the workshop.  Actually my car started showing symptoms quite sometimes already.  One of which is the aircon stop blowing out cold air at times.  Also my RPM kept fluctuating, especially when I come to a stop, the whole car will start "shaking".  When that happened, Jerlene will tell me she's very scared.  I had reported this to the service centre when I sent my car there last month.  However, it seems like they did not fix the problem.   So Jerlene and I took a cab home.'s really troublesome to send my family around without a car.

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Leisa said...

Maybe the problem of your car was in your fuel pump? There might be a time wherein your fuel pump didn’t have enough fuel to pump, and it was forced to pump air. When that happens, it can be very dangerous to your pump as there is a high possibility that it can pump in some dirt and may block the flow of fuel to your engine.

Leisa Dreps