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Monday, March 25, 2013

15 Mar 2013 - Taking time off to KSL City

Tracy and I decided to take leave today to go JB to have a much needed break without the kids.  We reached the childcare slightly late today.  Jerlene went straight to her class while Javier joined his classmates at the playground.  We then drove off to KSL mall in JB.
We reached the mall at about 11+am.  So we decided to have our lunch first at Tang Shifu (汤师傅).  The food was fantastic and the price was really reasonable after the currency conversion.  Earlier we saw a poster showing there is a Dinosaur Alive Water Theme Park at Level 7 which has just opened.  We decided to go and have a look.  When we reached level 7, we realized the park was empty.  We walked to the park entrance and there was a sign "Park Viewing - RM7.00".  What??!!?  Viewing and they consider it as opened?  We then asked a staff there and he said the park will most likely be opened in Apr.
The mall today seemed pretty cold so we decided to walk across to Holiday Plaza.  We had Ice Cream cone (RM0.50 per cone) at McDonald and at the same time, enjoyed the free WiFi there.  We spent about an hour there before walking back to to KSL city to catch a movie <>.  The first 20-30mins of the show is in black and white.  I almost wanted to walk out to the counter and get a  Anyway, we still had sometimes to shop around after the show.  At around 6:30pm, we had our dinner at Kim Gary restaurant.  Again it was cheap and good.

It was really a good break today and we should probably do it more often in future.  :-)

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