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Monday, March 25, 2013

16 Mar 2013 - Day 1: Trip to Malacca

By the time Jerlene finished her ballet exam, it was already 11:30am.  We quickly went home to have our lunch as we planned to go Malacca over the weekend.  We moved out at around 1:45pm.  Through the traffic webcam, we saw that there was heavy traffic at the causeway whereas traffic was smooth at Tuas 2nd link.  As such, we decided to enter Malaysia from Tuas checkpoint.  The drive was estimated to be about 3 hours and we reached Mahkota Hotel at around 5:15pm.  Below are views from our apartment's balcony.  We had a great view of the Straits of Melaka.
And here's the bedroom as well as the living/dining area.
We took a rest before walking across a highway to Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall for dinner.  We had Japanese/Taiwanese food for dinner.  The kids enjoyed it as well.  After dinner, we walked around the mall for a short while before heading back to our apartment.
Here's a night view of a nearby jetty, which is now occupied by restaurants and pubs.

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