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Monday, March 25, 2013

16 Mar 2013 - Jerlene's Ballet Exam

Jerlene had her first ever exam today.  It's her ballet pre syllabus exam.  After watching her dance during the mock exam, I had full confidence in her that she will definitely do well this time round.  The examiner came from Australia, specially for this round of exams (various grades).  We were told to be there early just in case Jerlene's hair needs further touch up.  We did her hair bun pretty well this time and did not need much touch up from her teacher.  She was all ready and I do not see any nervousness from her.  Probably she still does not understand what exactly an examination is.
The result of the exam will not be out immediately.  However, as this is just a pre syllabus exam, all kids should have passed.  In fact, we were all given a fee slip for next term and on the slip, it indicates as pre-primary.  In other words, Jerlene will be "promoted" to the next grade starting next week.  Way to go, Jerlene!

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