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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

17 Mar 2013 - Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Before this trip, I was told that there is now a Megamall in Melaka, which did not exist when we were here many years back.  It's called Dataran Pahlawan.  It's across the road from Mahkota Parade.  There is also a new hotel that has a connecting bridge to the Megamall called Hatten Hotel.  Tracy actually wanted to book this hotel but it was full.  Though it's more expensive, it is a lot more convenient and I assume cleaner as well.
Below is a map of Dataran Pahlawan and surrounding area.
After the tiring historical exploration earlier, we finally can cool ourselves down in the mall.  This mall is really really huge.  We entered the mall from the entrance nearest to A Famosa.  This part of the mall is single storey but it stretches out in all angles.  We then followed a sign that says Coral Wonderland, which we thought this probably would be some place that will interest the kids.  After walking for 20 mins, the sign still continue to lead us further.  Then we came to a few steps of stairs and from that point onwards, it seems to be another part of the mall that has at least 6-7 floors.  Here we saw posters of Coral Wonderland and it's actually an Underwater World located on the fourth floor.  As we reached the third floor, Jerlene and Javier refused to leave because they saw an indoor playground.  It was cheap, RM10 allows them to play there with no time limit.  We spent about an hour there before looking for a place to have our lunch.

After lunch we proceeded to Coral Wonderland and as we approached the entrance, Jerlene and Javier said they did not want to go in.  Instead they requested to go back to 3rd floor where there is an open area with mini electric cars.  So be it.  We went down one level and they spent 30mins driving those electric cars around the open area.  Javier looked like a drunk driver initially and kept knocking into things.  So funny.
After the car ride, Javier was so tired that he could hardly walk properly.  Jerlene also kept asking me to go back to our car.  So I walked back to my car alone and drove to the mall entrance to pick them up.  Once we reached our room, instead of resting, Jerlene and Javier asked to go for a swim.  Kids are really FULL of energy.
We stayed at the pool for about 45mins when the sky suddenly turned dark.  As soon as we felt a few rain drops, we quickly asked the children to come out of the pool and returned to our room for a shower.
In the evening, we walked back to Mahkota Parade for our dinner.  It was a tiring but fun and adventurous day.

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