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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

18 Mar 2013 - Off to Legoland

We had our breakfast at Mahkota Hotel before checking out.  And as promised to my two angels, I will drive them to Legoland today.  We reached Medini Mall, which is next to Legoland, at about 12:30pm and we decided to have our lunch there.  I had expected crowd today as this week is Singapore's school holiday.  But surprisingly, the place was not crowded at all, which was great!  In fact, I realized that the best time to visit Legoland is during Singapore's school holiday BUT NOT Malaysia's school holiday.  Not only will there be lesser crowd in the park, the park closure time will also be extended from 6pm to 8pm.
As usual, our first stop was the Junior Driving School, which is near to the park entrance.  There was absolutely no queue.  After the practice session on the electric mini car yesterday at Dataran Pahlawan, Javier was able to control his car much better today.
Next we went to the Boating School across the road.  Previously we did not manage to try this because of some technical faults.  Today's queue was much better though we still have to wait for about 30mins before it's our turn.  Jerlene really enjoyed this ride.  It was fun.
After the Boating School, Jerlene went over to the Driving School for older children while Javier returned to the Junior Driving School.  Jerlene is now at a good height and age where she can enjoy both Driving Schools.  They were given a certificate after every lesson.
We then spent quite a while at the Shipyard playground before heading to the Lego train station, where we boarded a train that brought us round the park.  Land of adventure is the next area that we went.  We manage to try Lost Kingdom Ride this time.  We did not try this previously because the queue for this ride is always terrible.  It was a fun ride whereby we were given a laser gun to shoot at various targets.  However, Jerlene ended up saying this ride had frightened her because there were monsters, mummies and coffins all over the place.  Across this ride is Pharaoh's Revenge, which is similar to a playground in Hello Kitty Town. They will never miss such playground.

After that, we decided to watch a 4D show at the Lego Studio.  There are 3 different shows at different times.  Previously we had watched the Lego Racers and this time, we watched Spellbreaker.  Jerlene started to enjoy such 4D shows where water, foam and wind will strike us at various part of the show.  Today, Javier also willing to put on the 3D glasses, which he had rejected previously.
Lego Build and Test creativity corner and Duplo Playtown were the next two stops that we went.  We spent about an hour there and by then, it was already 6pm.  As the kids need to go childcare the next day, we decided to leave early instead of till the park closure.
On our way out, Jerlene went for the Royal Joust ride as there was no queue once again.
The drive back home was pretty smooth.  This marked the end of our wonderful and enjoyable long weekend.

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Rebekka Lausen said...

I love Legoland! I'm from Denmark, and we came up with the whole idea. I'm so proud of being a dane!