Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Jun 2013 - Pool under maintenance

This afternoon when I said to my little angels, "Let's go down to the pool", they both jumped up with joy and quickly changed to their swimwear.  However, as we reached the pool, we realized the pool was empty.  In fact, it was surrounded by cordon with a sign saying "Pool Maintenance"!!!!!  In order not to disappoint them, I decided to bring them to the nearby little playground where they were equally excited.  That's the reason why you see them playing see-saw in their swimwear in the photo below.  :-)

28 Jun 2013 - S.E.A. Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa

Jerlene and Javier woke up pretty early today as we plan to visit S.E.A. Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa, the world’s largest aquarium accredited by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™.  Since last night, they had already started preparing their back packs.  I can see that they were extremely excited about this trip.
The first enclosure that we were in contains a monumental shipwreck.  Here we saw different species of fishes seeking refuge near or within the shipwreck.
In most aquarium, including those that we had visited overseas, the most fascinating creatures captured on photos are the jellyfish.  Under the different coloured lightings, jellyfish has the "power" to mesmerize all visitors.
The other main attraction is a huge central water tank where we can come very close to giant rays, sharks, groupers and other open ocean marine life.
During this trip, I was amazed by Jerlene's knowledge of all these marine life, especially the sharks.  She is able to identify the different kind of sharks, namely Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks.  She also told us that the biggest shark is the Great White Shark.  After that, she continued to boast her knowledge about other creatures in the ocean.  For example, she told us Blue Whale is the largest animals in the world.  She said she learned all these from the teacher in childcare centre.
We spent more than an hour in the aquarium before leaving for our lunch at Malaysia Food Street.

23 Jun 2013 - Prata lunch at Sembawang

Today, the PSI level had returned to normal healthy level after a change in wind direction as announced over the news.  As such, we decided to go out for our lunch.  We had quite a few options and in the end, the kids opted for prata lunch.  We went to the prata shop along Sembawang road where they had their favourite egg and chocolate prata.  It has been quite a while since we last came here.  When we were staying in Woodlands previously, we came here for lunch almost every week.  In fact, the prata uncle has watched both Jerlene and Javier grew up since they were babies.  :-)

22 Jun 2013 - Queues building up in all major pharmacies islandwide

As the PSI level continues to reach record high level, everyone started stocking up on N95 masks.  This morning while we were at Nex NTUC buying our weekly groceries, we saw an unusually long queue building up outside the supermart.  Initially I thought there was some promotions going on where free gifts were given away.  However, after taking a closer look, the queue actually started from Unity Pharmacy, which I then realized they were queueing to buy N95 masks.
Later on, I heard that such "phenomenon" occurred at all major pharmacies island-wide and the N95 masks ran out of stocks within hours.  Many people were stocking up more than what they need but the worst is that there are people who buy and sell at a higher price over the internet.  Why do these people still want to take advantage of others during such a crisis period?  Shame on those who did it.........

20 Jun 2013 - Haze with record PSI level

Since the beginning of the week, the entire Singapore is covered by smoke and dust that obscure the clarity of the sky.  It was caused by the tree burning activities to clear farm land in our neighboring country, Indonesia.  This happens almost every year especially during the drier season.  This year the problem got very serious whereby both Malaysia and Singapore had registered a record high PSI level.  It even hit the hazardous level at some point.  We, as parents, will have to monitor our kids very closely as there is a high chance that they may suffer from some respiratory problem during this period.  Let's hope the ASEAN countries can all work together towards solving this issue once and for all.
Above is a view from our roof terrace.  We used to have a great view of our city skyline.  Now we can't even have a clear view of nearby buildings......

16 Jun 2013 - What a lazy cat!

While on our way to my sister's place, we saw this cat lying on the floor.  Very seldom we will see a cat resting in such a (obscene) position, exposing everything......haha.....  Nothing bothers it even when I walked very close to it to take a shot.  It just continue to lie in that position and stare at me.......

16 Jun 2013 - Splash Splash Splash

Haven't been going down to the pool for quite a few weeks.  My two little angels were overjoyed when I said:"Let's go for a swim!".  They simply enjoyed playing in the pool.  When I asked them if they wanted to learn swimming, they instantaneously said "NO"! are kids.......  Play is number 1!

9 Jun 2013 - Self made Ice Cream Cake by Jerlene

I was presented with an Ice Cream Cake by Jerlene this morning.  Taking a closer look, it's actually made of Play-Doh.  After that, she created quite a number of other stuffs using her own creativity.  Nice job, my princess!  :-)