Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, August 31, 2013

31 Aug 2013 - Singapore flag made of balloons

After Jerlene's ballot class this morning, we walked over the the nearby community centre and saw this big Singapore flag, with flowers and beetles in front of it, all made up of balloons.  It was very pretty and Jerlene started asking me to look closely and learn how to do it.  I was like......"Oh no!"  :-P

22 Aug 2013 - Princess and Prince wannabe

Jerlene created a crown for both Javier and herself.  They claimed to be princess and prince.  They even wear that to the childcare centre in the morning.  I must say Jerlene is really creative.

20 Aug 2013 - Javier's 五连拍 (5 quick shots)

15 Aug 2013 - Bean sprouts have grown up!

After four days of care from Jerlene and Javier, their bean sprouts have finally grown up.  Great jobs, children!

11 Aug 2013 - All about PLANTS

This semester, the childcare centre's curriculum is All about Plants.  No wonder Jerlene started to recognize many different types of flowers every time we were outside.  At home she also started to draw the different types flowers.  When I ask her to list down all the flowers that she knows, I am surprised that the list is pretty long:  Rose, Morning Glory, Sunflower, Ixora, Bougainvillea, Tulips, Daffodil, Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Water Lily, Water Lotus, Hibiscus etc etc.  Some of them I never even heard of....for eg. Lily of the Valley and Snowdrops.  Initially I thought maybe she only knows the names.  So I started asking her what's their characteristics such as colors and shapes and she actually got all of them correct.  I had to search on the internet to verify what she said.

Since she's interested with plants now, I decided to let her experience planting green beans at home.  Within a day, the roots of the green beans started appearing.  She diligently watered the beans whenever she felt the cotton wool started to turn dry.  Let's see if the beans are able to grow.

10 Aug 2013 - "Make-up" trip to Legoland

If you remember, our previous trip to Legoland almost "failed" as we were caught in the massive jam.  We spent 3 hours on the road and the kids only got to play for 1.5 hours.  As such, we decided to make it up by bringing them there again.  The journey was extremely smooth this time round.  We left home at about 2pm and reached there before 3pm.  We did not tell the kids where we were going initially and they fell asleep in the car.  When they woke up, they were overjoyed as they realized we were at their "dreamland".

As usual, they went straight to their favourite spot, the shipyard playground.  In October this year, Legoland Water Park will be opened.  We had a quick glimpse of the water park from Legoland theme park.
We also saw the Legoland Hotel which will be completed next year.  The exterior seems to have been fully constructed.
We then went to another playground made up by wooden structure.  These playgrounds are my childhood dream but I never had a chance to play in it.  Really envy the kids nowadays........
As we took out the park map, we suddenly realized that there is an area which we had totally missed out from all our past visits.  It's the Lego Technic zone.  Jerlene and mommy enjoyed the Twister ride, similar to the usual teacup rides in other them parks, except that this one seems a lot FASTER.
We then went for the new 4D movie, Legend of Chima.  In the evening, Lego characters started to appear around the parks to take photos with visitors.
By 7:30pm, most of the rides started to close and we slowly walked towards the park exit.  Javier was very tired after a whole afternoon of running around and kept asking to go home.  Jerlene on the other hand was still full of energy and wanted to play more if possible.  We are now considering whether we should renew our annual passes, which will expire by end of this year.

9 Aug 2013 - 48th National Day

Happy 48th birthday to Singapore!  From afar, we saw three "Super Puma" pulling a gigantic flag across the parade ground at the Marina Bay floating platform.
 We were also able to see some of the aerial display from our roof terrace.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6 Aug 2013 - Stress ends today! P1 Balloting Successful!

For those primary schools which are oversubscribed for phase 2C registration, balloting will be conducted today.  As I've mentioned in my earlier post, I decided not to be present as I thought it's all fated.  :-)

Balloting for Rosyth School started at 9am this morning.  We tried calling the school after 10am on the outcome but nobody answered.  The website did not post the outcome until 5pm.  We were overjoyed when we saw Jerlene's name on the list.  In fact, she's the 2nd one who got picked out of the 120 applicants. Furthermore, her Ballot ID is 88 (发发).  Perhaps I should buy 4D with number 0288.  :-)

Below are some stats compiled by Kiasu Parents website.  It shows that Rosyth is the third most oversubscribed school.  So we were really fortunate to be successful in the balloting.  

Now we are really relieved and need not have to worry when it's Javier's turn two years later.  Yay!

1 Aug 2013 - Primary One Registration for Phase 2C ends today

Primary 1 registration for Phase 2C ended today.  There are a total of 120 applications "fighting" for the remaining 31 vacancies for Rosyth School.  In other words, the odds for the balloting will be 1 out of 4.  Balloting will be conducted in the school on 6 August.  I believe most parents will be very eager to witness the actual balloting process but for me, I'm still considering whether to be present.  I'm thinking it's all fated and the result will be the same whether I'm present during the balloting or not.  Well.....keeping my fingers crossed.......