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Friday, February 27, 2015

12 Feb 2015 - Javier's first tooth extraction

The day has finally come.  We have been procrastinating for almost a Javier had experienced his first tooth extraction at School Dental Centre (HPB).  The outcome worry was entirely unnecessary as the whole procedure went through smoothly.  
I must say that the dentist was very good at handling children throughout the procedure.  She explained to Javier what she'll do to his tooth by telling him a story.  Before the injection, she said she's going to give some sleeping juice to the tooth monster so that it's easier to catch them later when they go to sleep.  I was holding Javier's hand very tightly when the injection was administered.  Javier just felt a slight "pinch" on his gum and after that, pieces of his decayed baby molar were removed from his gum.  There was not a single sound made from Javier throughout the entire procedure.  This was totally unexpected. Even the dentist said Javier was one of the best "behaved" child whom she had treated so far.  Well done, my little brave warrior!
At the end of the treatment, Javier got to choose a few Angry Bird stickers which the dentist had promised him during the last visit.  And guess what, the treatment fee is only $9.00.  Previously when we went to Q&M dental clinic, consultation alone already costs $30.

The next appointment will be in a month's time when Javier will be extracting the left baby molar.  I decided to send Javier home to rest before I return to my office.

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