Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, April 30, 2015

20 Apr 2015 - Dental checkup at School Dental Clinic @ HPB

After the last painful extraction at the dental clinic, I thought Javier will not even dare to step into the clinic again.  However, he seems to have forgotten that pain and his mind is simply "overwhelmed" by pictures of Angry Bird stickers that he will be getting after the session.  You cannot imagine how crazy he is about this little red bird.
Today was just a follow-up check on previous extractions.  And because there is currently a gap between the last molar and the third tooth from the back, the dentist wants to assess if there is a need for a retainer.  As the last molar has not been fully grown out yet, the dentist advised us to come back in 3 months time and do another assessment by a specialist.
The dentist then proceed to do the basic cleaning and in the end, Javier got what he wanted.  From now on, we must ensure Javier brushes his teeth properly because if the mouth hygiene is not there, the specialist will not recommend retainer because that may cause more problems.  So we have prepared our own set of Angry Bird stickers, which will be very effective to ensure he brushes his teeth regularly and properly.  :-)


Marco said...

It really is quite impressive when a little one like yours can sit still throughout a procedure like that! I commend you on getting them in at that age because they will learn to take better care of their teeth as they get older and avoid many issues that us adults have to deal with.

Eunice Greer said...

I have a daughter who keeps us on our toes with her dental hygiene! She has had some teeth removed too and I love the idea of rewarding her with angry bird’s stickers (or similar). She too looks forward to the prize after her dentist appointment, so I think I’ll give this idea a try at home with her!