Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

28 Jun 2015 - Certificate of Appreciation (Maths Leader)

While packing her school bag for tomorrow as school resumes, Jerlene found a certificate presented to her before the school holiday.  It was a certificate of appreciation for her role as a Mathematics Leader last year.
Well done, Jerlene!

28 Jun 2015 - Minions Movie

Today is the last day of the one month June school holiday.  As such, I decided to bring Jerlene and Javier to a movie treat.  No surprise, it's going to be "Minions".
They had been looking forward to this movie since they first saw the advertisement on TV few weeks back.  We all enjoyed the movie.  :-)

28 Jun 2015 - A "broken" tree

We went to our favourite Prata Shop for lunch today.  On our way back to the car, we saw the below "broken" tree.
Jerlene and Javier were amazed by the tree and kept asking what had happened.  Looking at the surrounding, most likely it was hit by a construction crane nearby.

27 Jun 2015 - Jerlene's classmate cum neighbour's birthday celebration

One of Jerlene's classmates, who happens to be our neighbour, was celebrating his birthday this evening.  Quite a number of his classmates were invited to the BBQ session and followed by games facilitated by his parents.
Since the family also knows Javier, he was invited as well.  However, I was told that he seemed to have been left out at times and was in a bad mood.  Fortunately the elder sister from the family managed to console him.  Sigh....this boy......  :-)

21 Jun 2015 - Card from Javier

I received the card below from Javier for Father's Day.  Fortunately he used super heroes to describe me rather than his favourite Angry Bird gang.  Haha.......


20 Jun 2015 - Short visit to Legoland

After leaving Port Dickson, we decided to drive to Legoland.  The journey was about 3+ hours and we should still be able to spend 1-2 hours in the park.  We finally reached Legoland at about 5:30pm after the long drive.
Below is the latest addition to Miniland, Istana Bukit Serene.
Javier and his minion, which I've won for him in a game stall.
Jerlene and her cuddly penguin, which we won in another game stall.  Since she did not have a minion, she built one for herself with Lego bricks.
As usual, we had our dinner at Pancake House at Medini Mall.  The food was great but the staff's service and efficiency was very BAD!

20 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 3: Goodbye Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson

We will be checking out of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson today.  I tried to find the highest point in the area to take a picture of the entire development.  As the main hotel building was still not ready, I went up to the highest level of the multi storey carpark.  These are the best pictures I can get.
Just before checking out, Jerlene and Javier spent some great time at the playground.
Farewell Port Dickson!  This trip was better than I had expected.  Jerlene and Javier said this is the best hotel that we had stayed so far in all our trips.

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: Dinner at Pizza Hut, PD Waterfront

We again had late dinner tonight.  Jerlene and Javier requested for Pizza.  So that's where we went, Pizza Hut at PD Port Dickson.  Taste good and pretty cheap.  :-)
After dinner, we drove around the area before heading back to our villa.
There was a fun fair round the corner but we did not go because it was pretty late already.

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: Enjoy our private pool

Time flies and our second day in Port Dickson is almost over.  Time to jump into our private pool and enjoy it to the fullest.  Woo........!!!!!
Jump in hand-in-hand.
This is the most acrobatic jump from Jerlene!

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: PD Ostrich Show Farm

After lunch, we drove to another attraction in Port Dickson, the PD Ostrich Show Farm.  Though it's called an Ostrich Farm, it's actually more like a mini zoo where it houses animals such as ponies, donkeys, goats, several breeds of rabbits, silkies and fizzled fowls, geese, turkeys, ducks and a host of other fowls.  We bought some feeds from the admission counter and were all ready to feed the animals.  Ostrich enclosure was our first stop and the kids had their first taste of feeding the largest bird on earth.
Other than animals, there were also fruit trees all around the farm.
There is even a camel in the farm.  However, it looked lonely.
And here are two donkeys following Javier after the feeding.
Fowls were roaming freely in the farm and the moment they sense that you have food, they will all "charged" towards you.  Javier and Jerlene had experienced that exciting moment.
And this is Johnny, the farm's pet dragon.
At the rabbit enclosure, Javier were busy going around feeding the rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.
I like the following photo not because of me, but the smiley "brother" behind me.  Didn't know ostrich will pose in front of camera.  :-)
Jerlene and Javier used up all the feeds we bought at the goose enclosure.
Before leaving, Jerlene and Javier tried standing on an ostrich egg.
Overall, though it's not a fantastic farm, you can pay a visit if you have some extra time in Port Dickson.  The kids enjoyed all the animal feeding though.

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: Lunch at PD Waterfront again!

We left the amazing Blue Lagoon beach at about 1pm.  We decided to drive to PD Waterfront to have our lunch.
Though the kids wanted McDonald's again, I eventually managed to convince them to have something else, Taiwanese food.
After the superb lunch, we headed over to McDonald's for ice cream cones.

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: Close encounter with Millions of tiny crabs

As mentioned in my previous post, the water at Blue Lagoon bay is very shallow.  I decided to walk out to the sea to see how far I can go.  When I reached about 10 metres away from the shore, I was pretty shocked by what I saw.  Millions of tiny creatures were crawling all over the place.  As I knelt down to take a closer look, they were actually mini crabs and hermit crabs.  It's really amazing.
This is the first time I had such an encounter, which reminds me of a scene in the movie "Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End".  I have created a short documentary video of this amazing encounter.
I highly recommend this beach to anyone who will be visiting Port Dickson.
We LOVE it!  :-)