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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: Blue Lagoon Beach

My original plan was to walk to the beach that is just beside Lexis Hibiscus.  However when I looked at beach condition, I turned back because it was still under construction.  There were even cranes parked on the beach which made me feel very unsafe.
In order not to disappoint the kids, we quickly googled for other nearby beaches.  With the help of google and my GPS, we arrived to a beach (below).  Once again this beach was not ideal as the sand was pretty coarse and most importantly, there was no shade.  All of us will get serious sun burnt under the hot sun.
During my research prior to this trip, I recalled there is a beach called the Blue Lagoon.  And this beach was actually just round the corner, a 5 mins drive.  As we stepped out of our car, we immediately knew that this IS the beach!
First of all, there are plenty of trees that provide the much needed shelter from the hot sun.  Furthermore, the sand is clean and the sea is calm.  In fact the sea water is very shallow which is a result of the bay's naturally deep recess and sandbanks that protect the Blue Lagoon from strong tides and currents.
I can actually walk very far out into the sea.  Try locating me in the following photo.  If you cannot see me, try enlarging the photo.
The sea here reminds me of Yin Yang sea in Taipei whereby there are different shades of colors.  Somehow I find it nicer here......  :-)
As a matter of fact, we actually came to this beach before during our last trip to Port Dickson three years ago.  However in my memory, this beach was very crowded and dirty.  It was definitely not the case this time round.  Probably it's because we came here during weekday and at this hour (around noon).  It's as though we own the entire beach as we are the only people around.

I would highly recommend this beach to anyone who will be visiting Port Dickson one of these days.

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