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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

19 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 2: Exploring Lexis Hibiscus

Our plan for today is to bring Jerlene and Javier to a beach.  However when we woke up, we were "greeted" by a sea of rain cloud over the villas.  As such, we decided to stay within the vicinity for a while to see if the cloud will disperse later.  In the meantime, we called for the buggy service to bring us to the hotel lobby.
At first, we thought of taking the lift to the top most floor of the hotel so that we can have a good view of the entire Hibiscus villas.  However, as the guest rooms are still not ready, we can only walked around the first two floors.  At the moment, only the meeting rooms are ready.
As we explored further, we went into a room where there is a table tennis table, 4 table tennis bats and 2 ping pong balls.  Jerlene and Javier were very excited and immediately picked up the bats and started hitting the ball.  Before today, they had only played table tennis on Wii and XBox Kinect.  This is the first time they got to experience the real game.
Though they spent most of their time picking up balls from the floor, they still enjoyed the game very much.  Unknowingly, we spent about an hour in this room.  As I saw the sky was getting clear, I told the kids it's time to go.  Initially they were quite reluctant to stop the game but when they heard that we will be going to the beach, they quickly put down the bats and left the room.
Going to the beach is another activity that Jerlene and Javier had been looking forward to in this trip.

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