Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

27 Sep 2015 - Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节) at Ci Yuan

Ci Yuan CC has organized a mid autumn festival celebration this evening where our PM is the guest of honour.  We were there early but there were many others who were earlier.
There were activities such as lantern painting etc but it was simply too crowded.  We had a hard time squeezing through the crowd from one end to the other.
In the end, we decided to have our own celebration at home.
Watch the dancing lantern in the dark!

26 Sep 2015 - Celebrating Lantern Festival

There was a mini celebration for Lantern Festival at the club house this evening.  I brought Jerlene and Javier there to collect their free lanterns.
As the sky had not turned dark yet, we decided to go and have some ice cream at the McDonalds.
We returned by the poolside at about 8pm.  Jerlene and Javier began their lantern tour around the pool.
Not forgetting to take a "wefie" of course.  :-)

24 Sep 2015 - Haze turning from bad to worse

The hazy situation has gotten from bad to worse today.  While we were on the road this morning, the visibility was pretty low.
When we reached home, I looked out of our window and many buildings had disappeared from my sight.  The city skyline was obviously no where to be found.  Even the nearby Serangoon stadium was "gone".
Jerlene had been monitoring the PSI level on TV and kept asking me whether school will close tomorrow.  And true enough this night, it was announced that school will be closed for one day tomorrow due to the hazardous PSI level (above 300).

7 Sep 2015 - Breakfast at newly opened Ci Yuan CC hawker centre

September one week school holiday starts today.  However, Jerlene and Javier will still be going to student care and child care centre for the day.  Before sending them to the centre, we brought them for breakfast at the nearby newly opened Ci Yuan CC hawker centre.  We ordered a huge bun called "叶子楣大包" and they were amazed by the size.  Jerlene loves the pork inside while Javier loves the skin outside.  It's not easy to find food that they both like.  :-)

6 Sep 2015 - Prata lunch, a weekly affair

In recent months, having prata lunch on Sunday have become a weekly affair for us.  Javier will always order his "special paper sugar and milk prata" while Jerlene will order either an egg prata or putu mayam.  Of course, they will not forget their Ice Milo.
What you see above is Roti John, ordered by me.  :-)

5 Sep 2015 - 七月歌台

It's currently the 7th month of the lunar calendar.  It's also known as the hungry ghost month.  During this month, there will be mini stage setup all around the island where singers were invited to sing for the 好兄弟 (ghosts).  This is the first time where Jerlene and Javier actually experienced such atmosphere but they were not simply interested.......  :-(

5 Sep 2015 - Inside Out

Jerlene and Javier had been asking to watch "Inside Out" in the past few weeks.  Initially I thought they may not understand what those characters (Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and fear) actually are but I was wrong.  They explained to me that those characters are in the mind of the little girl and controlling her actions.  In fact, they not only understand the story, this was also the first time I see them getting emotional.  At one point when the scene was so touching, I actually saw Javier controlling tears in his eyes.  And when he noticed that I was watching him, he turned around and said:"My eyes itchy"!  Haha.....a boy is a boy.  男子汉,流血不流泪!
After the show, we went to Northpoint for some snow ice dessert.