Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, November 29, 2015

29 Nov 2015 - Decorating Xmas Tree

It's the time of the year again to setup our Xmas tree.  Once again, the kids were very eager to decorate the tree with stars, ribbons and all sorts of ornaments.
Even my neighbour's kid came over to help up.  Look how happy and satisfied they were after mission accomplish.  Well done, kids!

26 Nov 2015 - Teeth Space Maintainer

I brought Javier to School Dental Clinic @ HPB to put in place a removable space maintainer. A space maintainer is an appliance that is custom-made by a dentist or orthodontist in acrylic or metal material. Its purpose is to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place.
Though it looks like braces, it's totally meant for different purpose.
Initially, Javier felt a bit uncomfortable with the space maintainer but after a while, he started getting used to it.  He's able to put in and take out the maintainer all by himself.
Once the space between the two baby teeth widens a bit, we will have to consider putting a fixed space maintainer.  We will review with the dentist in 2-3 months time.

25 Nov 2015 - Rosyth Band Camp Rhapsody Evening

Jerlene went for her band camp in Rosyth School for the first time from 23-25 Nov 2015.  On the last day, parents were invited to a Rhapsody Evening to watch their kids perform.  Due to my work commitment, I had missed her initial performance but fortunately, Tracy was there to capture the proud moment.
It was a great performance for the P2 recruits and after today, you were all promoted to the main band!
Here's a video compilation of the performance.

21 Nov 2015 - Chinese Dance Grading Examination

Jerlene went for her Chinese Dance examination today at Chong Fu School.  This is the moment where a year of hardwork was meant for.  All the best, Jerlene!  :-)

20 Nov 2015 - The new double deck bed arrives!

The double deck bed for Jerlene and Javier had finally arrived.  Jerlene was very excited and once the bed was installed, she's the first to climb to the upper deck.  For the rest of the afternoon, both Jerlene and Javier were busy decorating the attached shelves with all their Angry Birds plushies and other soft toys........
They have agreed that Jerlene will take the upper deck while Javier takes the lower deck.

14 Nov 2015 - Fell in love with purple cone

After our last outing to Suntec City, we all fell in love with McDonalds purple cone ice cream.  As such, after dinner this evening, we went over to a nearby McDonalds and have it for dessert.  Yummy!!

10 Nov 2015 - Day outing to Suntec City

It has been quite a while since we all last went shopping together.  We decided to go Suntec City today.  After having a sumptuous lunch at "My Dining Room", we went around exploring the "revamped" Suntec.  We stopped coming here since the renovation started years ago.  Glad to see Jerlene holding Javier's hand while window shopping.
In order to make it more fun for the kids, we gave them a task.  From the convention centre, we asked Jerlene and Javier to locate where McDonalds was using a direction map on a touch screen panel.  Once they memorized the way, they took the lead to go towards our destination.  Of course when they took a wrong turn, we will give them a hint to "re-route".  After 15 mins, we reached McDonalds and had the purple cone ice cream for dessert.
 Next, we decided to go to the fountain of wealth at the centre of Suntec City.  Initially Javier refused to enter the place because he was afraid of being wet.  We spent quite a while to convince him before he agreed to come along.  I gave him a coin to throw into the well of fortune and he was excited,
It was a great family day outing and we should probably do it more often.

7 Nov 2015 - Slowly mastering Breast and Back Strokes

In today's swimming lesson, Jerlene and Javier started learning Breast Stroke and Back Stroke.  I must say that both of them are fast learner.  Within minutes, they can already master the techniques.  However, they need to keep practising in order to master it.  Well done, kids!

3 Nov 2015 - There goes the bed

The bed and its attached book shelves in the kids room were gone.  However, the room is now having Jerlene's favourite lovely pink.  Javier did not object to the color.  In fact, this color was their joint decision.  Now it's just waiting for the double decks bed to be delivered.

1 Nov 2015 - Farewell to the bed

Jerlene and Javier have been asking for a double deck bed for quite sometimes.  So in order to make space for that, we had to tear down the current bed set.  As the contractor will be here tomorrow, Jerlene and Javier will be sleeping in their current bed for one last time.  Looking forward to the new double deck bed.  Good night, children!