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Thursday, December 31, 2015

14 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 1: Cataract Gorge Reserve

One good thing about travelling during summer time is that you will have a much longer day to explore places.  Though it's already 6:30pm, it's still bright and sunny.  As such, we decided to pay a visit to Cataract Gorge Reserve.  It's amazing to have such a nature reserve right next to the city centre.
The first thing we saw when we stepped into Cataract Gorge is an outdoor swimming pool.  I wonder how it will feel to swim in a pool right next to a large water basin.
There is a magnificent chairlift that spans over the first basin of Cataract Gorge and covers 457 metres. The central span of 308 metres is believed to be the longest single chairlift span in the world.  We did not take it because by the time we reached, it was already closed.
There were several walks in the reserve and we took a shorter one that brought us to Alexandra Suspension Bridge.
After crossing the bridge, we walked up to a lookout point.  The view was superb!
It's time for a wefie!!!
As we walked back to the basin, we saw a peacock standing right in front of us.
As Jerlene and Javier approached the peacock, it started running away and my two silly angels began chasing after it.  So funny........
There is a playground near the entrance of Cataract Gorge and we spent almost an hour there.
Jerlene and Javier even made some new friends in the playground.  By the time we left the place, it was already past 8pm though it's still pretty bright.  The kids requested to come back to this place another time and I promised them if we have sometimes on the last day of our trip, we will be back.  They were overjoyed!

Before heading back to our hotel, we went to a nearby Coles supermarket to buy mineral water, biscuits, cakes, tit bits, instant noodles etc in preparing for the next three days where we will be staying in the mountain.  :-)

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