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Thursday, December 31, 2015

21 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 8: Remarkable Cave

As it was still bright and sunny when we left Port Arthur Historic Site, we decided to visit the Remarkable Cave, which is just 15 mins drive away.
From the car park, it was just a 7-8 mins walk to the cave.
And here is the Remarkable Cave.  We were unable to walk into the cave as it was fenced up for safety reason.
The end of the cave connects directly to the ocean.
If you are interested to know how this cave was formed, enlarge the following photo and read the words.
After we returned to the car park, we took another short walk to Maingon Bay Lookout.
The view here was spectacular!
From the lookout, we could see Cape Raoul in the distance with its tall pillars of dolerite rock rising from the sea.
It was very windy here but we still managed to take a wefie!  :-)

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