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Thursday, December 31, 2015

25 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 12: Fly home with a pleasant surprise

It's the end of our 12 days Tasmania holiday.  We drove to Launceston airport for our domestic flight to Melbourne, and there after, an international flight back home.
Jerlene and Javier were carrying their Xmas bears around the airport and had attracted attention of many people.  There was a women who even requested to take a photo with the bear that was sitting on our luggage.
While waiting for our flight at Melbourne airport, my name was being called at the boarding gate.  Guess entire family got upgraded to business class cabin.  What a pleasant surprise and a wonderful Xmas gifts!
This is Jerlene and Javier's first time sitting in Business Class.  They were so excited to see such a big screen and a supersized seat.  As the cabin configuration was 1-2-1, we were all assigned to the single seat by the windows.  Jerlene and Javier were playing a multiplayer game and at one point, they started talking to each other so loudly that I had to calm them down.
As today was Christmas, there was decoration all around the cabin, which was nice.
We reached home around 11pm and we gave Jerlene and Javier another Xmas surprise.  Jerlene got her favourite "My Little Poney" plushies set while Javier got his Minecraft Lego set.  If you remember in one of my earliest posts, Javier had written a letter to Santa in Hobart listing down his wishes.  One of them was Minecraft Lego set.  So his wish really come true which made him started to believe that Santa is REAL!  :-)

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