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Thursday, December 31, 2015

5 Dec 2015 - Javier's Graduation Concert

Javier has finally completed his preschool education.  The graduation concert was held today at the Republic Polytechnic.  Here's Javier and his classmates getting ready at the backstage preparing to march in.
Here's a short 5mins summarized video of the 2 hrs concert.
It was indeed a superb performance by all the children.  After the concert, Javier and his classmates gathered to take a group photo.
As this will probably be the last time that they will see each other, they even tried to take selfie using our smartphone.
Javier had surprised us once again with his dance moves.  He had been very secretive about his performance and refused to practise in front of us.  As such, we were not sure what to expect but thankfully it turned out to be a marvelous performance.
Javier, we were so proud of you!  Now that you have completed your preschool, it's time to prepare for the next phase of education, primary school.  Well done!

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