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Sunday, January 31, 2016

7 Jan 2016 - Short visit to Health Zone at HPB

Parents were not allowed into the school starting today.  Javier was holding Jerlene's hand as they entered the school gate.
This afternoon, Javier had a dental appointment at School Dental Clinic (HPB).  It was a regular check on his maintainer.  After the appointment, we had a quick bite at the cafe on level 1.  Javier suddenly realized this place looked familiar and said he came here before.  He then brought us up an escalator and rushed to a glass door with the sign "Health Zone".  It was about 4pm then while this place closed at 5pm.  As the admission fee was pretty cheap ($1.50 per child, $3.00 per adult), I decided to bring them in to play for an hour.  The admission fee also includes a packet of milk.
As it was weekday, the place was totally empty.  We were the only people inside Health Zone and did not have to queue for any activity.
Both Jerlene and Javier had been to Health Zone when they were in Kindergarten.  I'm surprised that there is such a fun place in Health Promotion Board.  It was like a mini science centre.  Watch this video of all the fun things that they played.

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