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Sunday, July 30, 2017

11 July 2017 - Learning Journey to Singapore Science Centre

This morning, Javier was very excited as his class went on a learning journey to Singapore Science Centre.  During the lesson, they were given an invisible stamp on their hand which will only glow under ultraviolet light.
While waiting for the proper programme to start, the kids sat around and had their snacks.
The children did not get a chance to visit any exhibit in the centre.  Instead, they were gathered in a classroom where the facilitators conducted some science lessons and got them into groups to carry out some activities.
When I fetched Javier home from school in the evening, he told me that this was a very boring trip as he had expected to visit some exhibits in the Science Centre.  He said all his classmates were very disappointed.  I sort of agreed with him.  To travel such a long bus journey from his school to the Science Centre and back just to have some classroom activities, doesn't really make sense to me.  :-(

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