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Thursday, May 31, 2018

26 May 2018 - LOST in JB (Escape Room Game)

After lunch, we decided to go for something not too physical but fun.  On Google map, we found a nearby spot named "LOST in JB".  We checked it out and realized that it's the type of "Escape the Room" Game.  When Jerlene and Javier saw the different room themes, they were a bit hesitated because most of them look scary.  Fortunately, one of the available room at that time was Doraemon.

Here's how the story goes...
"The romantic season of Spring, the season of cherry blossoms. Today Nobita mustered up his courage, preparing a bouquet of cherry blossoms to his crush Shizuka. In a moment of confusion, he accidentally handed the flowers to the hands of Gian/Takeshi’s sister - Jyaiko.
In shock, Nobita ran to Doraemon to ask for help. Doraemon searched his pocket of magical treasures, taking out a range of miraculous tools to aid Nobita.
Even with Doraemon’s magical tools, Nobita will still need to use his confidence and bravery to overcome this challenge. Will Nobita be able to use the power of love to regain the bouquet, and place it into the hands of Shizuka?"

We were given 60mins to escape the room and we only took about 48mins.  It was great fun as everyone contributed to the different puzzles throughout the game.  Thumbs up!

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