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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

29 Apr 2018 - First Outdoor Flight with DJI Spark

This evening, we decided to bring our Spark drone out for its first outdoor flight.
We understand that there are rules governing the flying of drones.  As such, we did some research on where are all the no fly zones (below) and also which are the parks where drone flying is not allowed.  Following are two important links for anyone who wish to fly their drones "legally".
Based on the above, we decided to go Bishan Park, which is just outside of the No-Fly zone and it's also not in the list of No-Fly parks.
Here is a video of our Spark's first outdoor flight.
I also tried out the hand gesture mode where Spark took off from my palm, followed my palm's movement, flew off for a selfie, returned and landed back on my palm.  See how I controlled Spark simply with a few hand gestures in the following video.  Jerlene and Javier also tried it out.  It's really fun!

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