Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, March 31, 2007

31 Mar 2007 - Don't "destroy" your hair

Jerlene started to pull her hair since few days back. As her mittens is getting smaller for her, we thought of not wearing mittens for her. Also, we feel that it's time for her to learn how to grab stuff without the constraint of mittens. And straightaway, she learn to grab her own hair!!!!
Daddy: Jerlene, you got such beautiful hair, plse do not "destroy" it.
Jerlene: I know, but I got so much hair......
Daddy: It's ok, do you know everyone is so envious of your hair?
Jerlene: Yah.....but I perspire a lot because of that and it's so uncomfortable......
Daddy: That's true.....but you dun have to pull your hair, it doesn't help a lot.
Jerlene: Pulling hair is fun, Daddy.
Daddy: It's not fun when you see yourself "Botak" next time you know......
Jerlene: Then I pull Mommy's hair lor.
Mommy: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

29 Mar 2007 - Daddy 抱抱!

The title said it all...

28 Mar 2007 - Sweety morning SMILE!

Recently, Jerlene has been smiling a lot, especially when she wakes up every morning. Whenever I see her smile, it makes me forget how restless I was the previous night trying to coax her. She is still cranky most of the nights but the morning smile sort of make up for it. To make her smile in the morning, just need to use the magic words, "Good Morning!". It's really as simple as that. :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

25 Mar 2007 - 2 Months Old

Jerlene is two months old today. How time flies....... When I looked through her photo album, her "arrival" is still fresh in my mind. Quite a number of Jerlene's clothes are now too small for her. Baby really grow very fast. I tried to weigh her today and she's about 4.9kg. She has gained close to 2kg since birth. I'm going to start designing her baby room. As my MIL will be moving out around Jul, I've planned to convert my study room into Jerlene's room. Will be looking for cute wallpaper to decorate the room. I'll try to make it like a baby gym. :)

24 Mar 2007 - Jerlene and her car seat

It's weekend again. Without fail, we brought Jerlene out for shopping. We tried putting Jerlene on her car seat on our way to Suntec. She's quite calm most of the time except when the car stopped or when the sunlight is too glaring. Here's a picture of Jerlene sitting on her car seat.

22 Mar 2007 - Daddy Mommy working already

Today, Tracy starts her first day at work after two months of maternity leave. In other words, Jerlene will not see her daddy and mommy from morning till night. My MIL will be taking care of her and hopefully she can handle because Jerlene has been super cranky these few days. Not to our surprise, the moment we opened our house door after work, we can hear Jerlene crying. And straightaway my MIL complaint to us how naughty Jerlene is.'s only the first day.......

Monday, March 19, 2007

19 Mar 2007 - Show some temper

When you look at the title, you must be thinking of Jerlene throwing tantrum again...... But this time is not. This entry has nothing to do with Jerlene (or maybe indirectly). As I do not have my own blog, I had to borrow my princess space temporary.

Over the years, Tracy and her mum (my MIL) has been arguing a lot, especially after Tracy got pregnant and my MIL moved into our place. Everytime when they argue, I just try to stay away but i was actually quite stress. Both of them are like Ba Zi Bu He ("Eight words no match" in Chinese). I've discussed this problem with Tracy many times and I advised her that maybe if she can be more tolerant, situation may turn better. She did try and it seems to work but not for long. So many times I have to keep reminding her about keeping her cool and ignore her mum's comments which she doesn't like. After so many years, it had been failing again and again. One things I observed is that whenever they are on the same side commenting on something or somebody, they can be very united. And when they are on different side or having different opinion, the relationship will break down. I believe they both care for each other very much but sometimes they just dunno how to express themselves and their character really conflict.

So this morning, I decided to be a bad guy. What I did was, I shouted back at my MIL for something minor that she did which Tracy dun like. I think she must be quite surprise that I responded to her in that tone. Tracy was equally surprise as well. Before I did that, Tracy was very frustrated with her mum but after I shouted at my MIL, she was stunned and asked me to stop. I can see that she doesn't want me to do that, although previously she kept asking me why I never stand by her side. After that, I just stormed off to work.

My main intention is to be a bad guy on one side and make them both stand on the other side. When I came back from work in the evening, they seems to be getting along very well. Not sure whether it is due to what happened in the morning but at least they are ok for now. I dun mind being a bad guy in exchange for their amicable relationship. It's really stressful for me when they quarrel. Let's see whether this can last......

18 Mar 2007 - Jerlene's everchanging hairstyle

There has been so much talking about Jerlene's hair. So far, without fail, anyone who comes and sees Jerlene will definitely comment on her hair. So this morning while I was washing her hair, I tried to change her hairstyle to this:

And she seems to like it. Look at her smile! :)

Then after the spa session, Tracy decided to try another hairstyle, the Famous Armani Style........Haha......... We swear we did not use any gel..........

Saturday, March 17, 2007

16 Mar 2007 - Dark Forces Strip

If you recall, one of my recent blogs talk about the Dark Forces. I've just created sort of a comic strip on it..... :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

14 Mar 2007 - The toughest day for me so far...

If you have followed my previous blog, you should have known that Jerlene is very cranky every night from about 9pm till midnight. Last night, she was ultimate. From 9pm, she has been cranky all the way till 7am this morning. Throughout the night, I had to carry and rock her till she's asleep which took about an hour. Then after I put her down, within 15 mins, she will wake up and cry. No choice, I have to carry her again and spent another hour to coax her to sleep. But same thing happened and she woke up within 15 mins. And this cycle went through 4-5 times and I could hardly catch any sleep. Throughout the process, I tried giving her pacifier, sing to her, let her listen to some white noise, feed her, change her diapers etc etc but nothing seems to work. I think I tried everything except bringing her out for a car ride in the middle of the night. What else can I do?

I was on half day leave this afternoon but not to get some rest. We had to bring Jerlene for her 6-in-1 jab. This is her first jab since she was discharged from hospital. She did cry for a few secs after the jab but was ok after that. Have to monitor her temperature now as it is common for baby to have fever after a jab. We took the opportunity to ask our PD how to cure Jerlene's colic problem and she gave us some colic drop which should be able to remove winds from her stomach. So now, two things may happen tonight. The jab may cause her to become more cranky tonight or perhaps the colic drop may make her less cranky tonight. Obviously I hope for the latter. Wish me luck!

13 Mar 2007 - Jerlene's first bus trip

Tracy said that this afternoon, she and my MIL took Jerlene to Causeway Point for Dim Sum lunch. As I was working, they took a bus there and this is Jerlene's first bus trip. When they entered Espirit outlet, two salesgirls were "attracted" by Jerlene and came over to play with her. Jerlene was excited and gave a long big smile to them. Too bad I missed it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

11 Mar 2007 - Jerlene has joined the "Dark Forces"!

Today we went to Suntec for the IT Show. Of course, we brought Jerlene along. As it was very crowded in the exhibition hall, Tracy and Jerlene went around shopping while I quickly bought what I want in the show. Managed to get two 4GB thumbdrive for S$60 each and one 1GB microSD card for S$13 despite queuing for almost 30mins. After that, we went to carrefour and bought some stuff for Jerlene and Tracy.

At night, Jerlene was very cranky and no matter what we do, she just keep crying and crying. Tracy cannot stand it and finally, she flashed out the "darksaber", a pacifier! Jerlene has taken her first step into the dark forces. However, after sucking for a while, Jerlene kept spitting it out. Not sure whether it's good or bad, maybe she's confused whether to join the light or dark forces. Now, Tracy has a hard time coaxing her while I was typing this. Better go help her out...... :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

10 Mar 2007 - Taka Baby Fair and Jerlene's Pretty Hair

My wife has ordered a sling online and this morning we went down to collect. We spent about half an hour there learning how to use the sling. It's actually quite difficult to put Jerlene in without making her feel agitated. However, if she's properly placed in the sling, she will feel very comfortable. When the seller sees Jerlene, she cannot resist not to take a picture of her. Her first comment, just like everyone else, was "Wow, she got so much hair and so pretty!"

After that, we actually planned to bring Jerlene for her vaccination. However, as we were a bit late, we decided to do it next week. Our next destination is Takashimaya, where there is a Baby Fair. We parked at Cainhill Plaza and walked across to Paragon for lunch at Ding Tai Feng. Half way through our lunch, Jerlene woke up and ask for milk. Luckily at that time, I had finished my lunch and able to feed her. After lunch, we went over to Takashimaya and on the way there, we heard at least 3-4 passerbys commenting on Jerlene's hair. "Nice hair", "So much hair and so neat!", "Cantik (meaning beautiful)"........ As we walked into the Baby Fair, more people saw Jerlene and make similar comments. We bought two pigeon wide neck milk bottles at half price after trading in two normal milk bottles. We finally managed to use a 4 years old Taka voucher.....haha..... We went home after that.

Btw, today Jerlene started to SCREAM, instead of cry, for milk. So scary.....her face turns so red and we can see she started to prespire......guess her sweat glands is formed now.

9 Mar 2007 - The Amazing Washing Machine

Tracy just called me in office telling me that she just found out another function of our washing machine. Other than washing all our laundries, it can also make my little princess fall into sleep! Isn't that amazing? According to Tracy, Jerlene was crying non-stop till she carry her to our yard where the washing machine is, Jerlene suddenly calm down and stop crying. Somehow the sound of our washing machine spinning make her feel drowsy. Actually during our ante natal class, the lecturer did mention that the sound of washing machine is quite similar to the sound in the mother's womb. We find it hard to believe at that time but now, it seems to have proven the point. Have a sweet dream, Jerlene!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Jerlene finally slept throught the night in her cot - 8 Mar 2007

For the very first time, Jerlene managed to sleep through the night for 7 hours straight in her own cot! It is an achievement because she had been refusing to sleep in her cot for the past few weeks. However one change that we did is to place a long chair pad on top of her mattress. Perhaps that to her is softer and therefore she feels more comfortable sleeping on it.

Some of you may envy me that Jerlene managed to sleep through the night from week 6 onwards. Here are my tips but not sure whether it will work for you. No harm trying right?

1) Must let the baby differentiate between day and night. How I did it is during the day, avoid letting the baby sleep in a dark room. Let sunlight comes through the windows. Also, use fan instead of aircon during the day. At night, switch off the light (dim yellow light is ok too). Turn on aircon. With the dim lighting and cool temperature, very soon your baby should know when is day and night.

2) For this second tip, if you decided to let your baby goes on full breastfeeding, then it will not be applicable. What I realized is that when a baby is on breastfeeding, he/she tends to get hungry much faster as compared to one who drink formula milk. What I did is for the feed just before Jerlene sleeps (usually around 10-11pm), I will give her formula milk. That will last her much longer and no need for a feed in the middle of the night.

Above are what I did and hopefully , it works for you too. :)

I swear I never teach Jerlene "THAT"! - 7 Mar 2007

These few days, Tracy kept telling me Jerlene started to do this and I wish I can be at home during daytime to capture all those moments. At night, I tried to play with her but most of the time, she'll throw tantrum and just want people to carry her. Tracy said that nowadays, her neck is getting stiffer. When she let Jerlene lie on her tummy, Jerlene can raise up her head for about 10-20secs. I like to see her smile with one dimple on the left side of her lip. Dimple is supposed to be a defect but it's a beautiful one.

Tracy described to me the various actions that Jerlene does and I told her to take some shots. And some of the shots are so funny that we cannot stop laughing when we look at it. However, we swear......we never teach her how to do "THAT"! Notice her right hand?

Jerlene "wet" me..... - 6 Mar 2007

Tonight while I was feeding Jerlene, suddenly a gush of warm liquid flowed through my thigh. Sigh.....she pee'ed on me...... Not sure whether it is because her diaper was too small for her now or it is simply due to the increase of milk intake recently. She has already "wetted" my bed twice and also my MIL's bed. Haha......her zodiac sign is dog.....and dog likes to pee everywhere to declare its territory........ Jerlene, you dun have to do that. You "own" the whole place already! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

OMG, Jerlene poo'ed during bath! - 4 Mar 2007

From the title, you must have guessed what happened. This morning, I bathed Jerlene in her bathtub as usual. She seems to be enjoying the warm spa and I was still commenting that Jerlene's stomach is a bit flat so most likely will not pass motion. And here comes Murphy again! Suddenly, I saw the water near her leg turned brown. I did not realize what happened until abt 5 secs later. Immediately I shouted: " SHIT!!!! Jerlene shit in her bathtub!!!!". I was so shocked that I dunno how to react then. My wife rushed in and she was equally lost. She took out a basin and I quickly lifted Jerlene out from her "shitty" bathtub and put her on the basin. Luckily we have a second baby bathtub where Jerlene got her second warm spa. After we cleaned her up (both spa sessions lasted more than an hour), it's time to clean ourselves up. When I told my mom what happeneda while later, she said that she had taken care of 5-6 babies in the past and no such thing had ever happened. Sigh....why it has to be me.......

At about 10:30am, we brought Jerlene to Suntec to visit the Baby Fair. As we are one of the 1st 2000 visitors, each of us got a goodie bag. After walking one round, we got lots of freebies, but mainly samples. At the last counter, we subscribed to a magazine "Mother and Baby", which also gave us another goodie bag. From the fair, we went to Carrefour to grab some stuff and then to starbucks for Cafe Mocha.

We left Suntec at about 3pm and went to my parent's place. Again everyone is so excited to see Jerlene. We had dinner there before heading home at about 7pm. After the "mishap" this morning, tonight at least we had some achievement. We managed to coax Jerlene to sleep since 9:30pm. She's still sleeping now while I'm typing this. I foresee she'll wake up at about midnight for a feed, then hopefully she can sleep through the night.....wish me luck! :-)

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sleep by my side - 2 Mar 2007

Jerlene still refused to sleep at night and I've tried many ways to coax her to sleep. As I've mentioned in my previous blog, most of the time I have to carry her for hours till she's in deep sleep, then put her into her cot. Last night, I gave up putting her down into her cot. What I did is, I carried her till she's a bit drowsy (usually about 15mins), then I'll lie down on my bed while still hugging her in my arms. Somehow this way she will not get agitated and at the same time, I can also get some rest. Both of us slept after a while and I just let her sleep by my side for the rest of the night. :)