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Friday, October 30, 2009

21 Oct 2009 - Jerlene's first uniform for photo taking

There was a photo taking session today at Jerlene's childcare centre. As all the children will have to wear the school uniform for the photo taking, we have bought a set of the uniform for this session. Jerlene's hair was quite long and she looks prettier tying it up. She seemed to know about the photo taking and kept wanting to comb her hair to look better..... :-)

I'm not sure how she looked like in the photo as parents were not allowed to be in the session. Will have to wait a while for the photo to be given back to us. However, we were told by the teachers that Jerlene was very smart as she was the only kid in the playgroup to follow instruction during the photo taking. All the children were told to raise up their hands after the count of 3, and Jerlene was the only one in her playgroup that did exactly that. Great job, Jerlene!

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xiao mei said...

of coz! both daddy mummy so smart what! Good genes! :P