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Saturday, October 31, 2009

23 Oct 2009 - Bonding time for my little angels

At times, Jerlene is quite unwilling to play with Javier. She does not like to share her toys with 弟弟 as well. It's not that she does not like Javier. Just that she is very clear which are her "properties" and which belongs to 弟弟. When her mood is good, she will really care for her 弟弟. Sometimes when Javier was lying down, she will go over and try to pat him to sleep. Also, she wouldn't allow anyone to carry Javier away. Every weekday night when we are about to go home from my parent's place, if I tell her "弟弟 is not coming home with us", she will make a lot of noise and say "NO!!!! 弟弟 come with us!!!". She always want the whole family to be together. :-)

Anyway, today we managed to put them together and play in a ball pool that we setup at home. Both seemed to enjoy the moment together. Hopefully this can strengthen the bonding between my two little angels. Will try to do it more often.

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