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Saturday, October 31, 2009

29 Oct 2009 - Jerlene no longer has goldfish memory

In the past, things that I've said before her sleep, she will seldom remember when she woke up the next morning. However, that no longer happens now. She will remember exactly what I've said and promised her before her sleep. To paint a after work, I went out with my colleagues till very late at night. Tracy went to pick up the kids herself from my parent's place. When they reached home, Jerlene called me and we chatted for quite a while. Below is an extract of what we have said over the phone....

Daddy: Jerlene, what are you doing?
Jerlene: Watching Dora
Daddy: Are you a good girl?
Jerlene: Yes
Daddy: Jerlene go and sleep early, ok? Papa later come back and pat you.
Jerlene: Ok Papa
Daddy: Bye bye Jerlene
Jerlene: Bye bye Papa

By the time I reached home, she was already asleep. Tracy told me that Jerlene kept asking for me just before her sleep though. Anyway, the next morning when she woke up and saw me by her side, she became very excited and said "Papa come back already!". The way she smiled at me shows how much she missed me the night before. And finally she remembered what I've promised her and said:"Papa pat pat". :-)

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