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Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Mar 2012 - Port Dickson Day 1: Lighthouse and Dinner

After the Go Kart session, we decided to drive to a nearby lighthouse for some breathtaking view of the sea. We followed the direction shown on the GPS and we came to a beach. However, we did not see any lighthouse around the area.
And the beach was just so-so, similar to those in Singapore but no where near the standard of Gold Coast. My two little angels did not even ask to go to the beach and play sand.
We decided to drive further down the road to take a look. And yes, we finally reached the right place. However, before we could see the lighthouse, we got to climb 100m up slope, according to the sign. Half way up the slope, we all felt that the sign was very's definitely more than 100m. We were all very tired except for Jerlene, who was leading the way up. Finally, we reached the lighthouse, just to realize that there are more steps to go.

Again, Jerlene seemed to have unlimited energy and was the first to reach the top. We had a good view of the ocean at the top but it was pretty dangerous as the place is not fenced up. We were practically standing on the edge of a cliff.

We quickly left the place and now it'll be easier as it's going to be down slope all the way. With her infinite amount of energy, Jerlene was the first to reach the bottom of the slope. I had a hard time catching up with her.
A short drive from the lighthouse, we arrived at our dinner place, Weng Yin Seafood Village. The food was cheap and good. Javier did not eat much and he had been refusing to eat proper meal for weeks. However, he ate a lot of junk food though. We had to make sure he drank a lot of water.
That's the end of first day in Port Dickson. It's a great day, though tiring. :-)

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