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Sunday, March 18, 2012

8 Mar 2012 - Passport ready for collection

Jerlene's passport was finally ready for collection. As Tracy had some available time this morning, she went down to ICA to do the collection. However when she reached there, the counter said Jerlene had to be personally there because we did an online application. Jerlene had to be present there once, either during application or collection. So no choice, Tracy had to rush down to childcare centre, pick up Jerlene and rush back to ICA. Fortunately the queue was quite ok. After collection, Tracy brought Jerlene back to childcare and finally, everything was settled.

At night, when I asked Jerlene whether she knows what was going on today, she said "Yes, I need to get my passport to go Malaysia!" I was surprised to hear that. :-)

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