Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, December 31, 2012

31 Dec 2012 - Year End Gathering

I organized a year end gathering at my place today.  In the afternoon, we had a KTV session, though there was some mix up in the booking by the management office which caused some unhappiness, especially to the other party as they had to give up the room to us.  For some of us who do not sing, we had a snooker session just outside the KTV room.

I had ordered food for BBQ this evening.  However, it had been raining since early afternoon till the sky turned dark.  Eventually, we had no choice but to open up my huge umbrella and started BBQing under it.  Surprisingly, we managed to have all the food BBQed.  The only thing is we cannot eat the food while enjoying the roof top atmosphere this time.

After dinner, we had lots of fun playing Xbox Kinect games.  We had so much laugh while playing the "Rabbids" game.  It was great to end 2012 with so much fun and laughter!

Happy 2013 to ALL!

29 Dec 2012 - Parent Teacher Meeting Day

We met up with Jerlene's and Javier's teachers today at the childcare centre to understand their progress in development.  Jerlene had been doing well in general.  She's well liked by her teachers and classmates.  According to her teachers, she always wanted to be first in doing everything.  She also likes to help out the teachers such as wiping the table, shifting the chairs etc.  As she knew a lot of songs from all the music videos that she had at home, there were times where her teacher even asked her to teach the class how to sing those songs.  Academically, she's doing ok and in terms of the creativity and artistic areas, she excels among the class.
As for Javier, he's also coping well in class.  However, the teacher noticed that he may be a little introvert at times.  Sometimes when all his classmates went out to the playground, he'll rather stay in the class and do his own thing.  I would say that he's rather stubborn.  The more you want him to do certain thing, the more he will not do it....even though in his heart, he actually wanted to.  That's why we always called him "the opposition party (反对党)"!  Anyway, at his age, he seems to be pretty "matured" and is also good at artwork like his sister.

26 Dec 2012 - Bread Skin Cutter

We gave Jerlene a bread skin cutter and she was very eager to try it out.  She wanted to try it so much so that she had been "forcing" everyone to eat bread.  Usually for one loaf of bread, we can eat for about 3 days.  And since she had this bread skin cutter, we almost finished the entire loaf within a day.  Every few hours, she will ask me whether I want to eat bread.  So as not to disappoint her, I always said "Yes"!  :-P

25 Dec 2012 - Celebrating Xmas at T3

It's Christmas and we decided to spend this wonderful day at the airport.  When we reached the departure hall, Jerlene and Javier kept asking me:"Are we going to Australia?", "Are we going to the aeroplane?"
Once again, this year's decoration at the airport is based on "Angry Bird Space" theme.  In one of the open space, there is a huge Angry Bird Space Shuttle and we can even go on-board.  Jerlene and Javier kept running up and down the shuttle.
We had our lunch at Dian Xiao Er at T3.  As we spent more than S$60 for the lunch, we can redeem an Angry Bird plush toy from the counter at basement 2 if we are Changi Rewards members.  As such, we quickly went to apply for the membership to get the plush toy.  Other than getting the toy, we can also redeem an art-and-craft workshop session where Jerlene gotta work on some artwork as shown below.  She was very focused while doing her artwork and the final product was great!
We all had an enjoyable time at the airport.  Finally, let us wish all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

21 Dec 2012 - The Little Big Club

From Hello Kitty Town, we went one level up to The Little Big Club.  Once we entered the park, my two little angels started shouting:"It's BARNEY!".  Yes, there is a Barney stage performance going on.
After the performance ended, we went to a nearby Barney's Barnyard and both my angels started running around like nobody business.
At the end of the park, there is another bigger indoor playground.  We spent about an hour there before going up another level to Thomas the Train park.  There are a number of rides here whereby Jerlene and I tried the bumper car.  Javier was not allowed to get on this ride due to his height.  The minimum height requirement is 110cm.  Jerlene just meet it.  As they enjoyed playground more than these rides, we again went to another playground where they can climb, crawl, slide and run.
Overall, Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is very suitable for family with small kids.  Another good thing is that everything is inside a building and everyone is able to enjoy regardless of the weather outside.  Let's have a recap of some of the shows that we saw in the parks.

21 Dec 2012 - Hello Kitty Town

We took leave today to bring our little angels to Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club at Nusajaya, Johor Bahru.  We bought the two park pass which cost RM110 each (same price for adult and child ticket).  Malaysian can buy the tickets at RM85 each.  The park is located at Puteri Harbour which is about 10mins drive from Legoland.

We reached the park at about 11am and we went straight to the entrance as we already got the tickets the day before.  The entire place is indoor.  We took the escalator to 2nd floor where Hello Kitty Town is located.  By then, Jerlene finally realized where this place was (we had kept it a secret from her and told her she will know once we reached).  As both Jerlene and Javier were not familiar with this place, it took them quite a while to get used to the surrounding before they started running around as usual.
Once we entered Hello Kitty Town, the parade just started where we saw My Melody, Badz Badz Maru and of course Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dancing along the walkway.
The first ride that we took was the rotating tea cup.  After that, we entered the home of Hello Kitty, the interior design is pretty similar to the Hello Kitty castle where we have been to few years back in Harmony Land, Fukuoka, Japan.
We had our lunch at a small cafe within the park.  Jerlene and Javier had their favourite rainbow donuts.
Half way through our lunch, a Hello Kitty performance began on the stage just beside the cafe.  Though it's a side view, we were able to watch the show comfortably in the cafe while having our lunch.
After lunch, we had a little adventure to rescue Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.  In this adventure, we got to find 5 different letters in 5 different areas.  Once we found all 5 letters, we got to form the correct word to accomplish the mission.  At the end, we were even given a certificate with a rating.

Of all the rides, Jerlene and Javier like the playground the most.  In the enclosed area, there were lots of little soft balls all over the place.  Jerlene was busy picking up the balls and put them in a bag while Javier was busy throwing the balls everywhere.  This is a dreamland for all small kids.
Next we went to the 3rd floor to meet up with Barney and friends.......

8 Dec 2012 - My little Dancing King and Queen

Jerlene and Javier are no longer shy to dance in front of us now.  They had been practising the dance moves from the Xbox Kinect games "Just Dance Kids" so much that they can now memorize the steps without staring at the TV.  Jerlene dances beautifully but it's more fun to watch Javier dance as his moves are so  Here are a few clips that I've taken.  ENJOY!

7 Dec 2012 - Tying up a bun

As Jerlene is going to take her pre syllabus ballet exam in about 3 months time, the teacher had advised us not to cut her hair from now on because she will have to tie up her hair into a bun for the exam.  My helper tried to tie up a bun for her today and this is how she looks.  I guess it will be a lot easier and neater to buy her a bun net.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

1 Dec 2012 - Legoland, here we come AGAIN!

We drove to Nusajaya Legoland for a second time this afternoon.  This time, we parked our car at Medini Mall carpark.  We packed some food from the mall before entering Legoland.  The first ride we went to is the Junior Driving School.  Jerlene was good at that but Javier still needs some practicing.  Somehow he kept letting go of the accelerator.
After that, we spent quite a while at a playground.  This playground was closed the last time we came due to wet weather.  They had so much fun running around.  We then went to other rides before heading to their favourite "horse ride".

After about 2 hours in the park, I suddenly did not feel well.  As such, I took some rest before getting Tracy to drive us home.  I felt so sorry for Jerlene and Javier as we had to cut short our time in the park.  However I promised to bring them back soon.