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Saturday, September 28, 2013

6 Sep 2013 - Visiting Legoland on Teacher's day

Childcare centre is closed today as the teachers are taking a well deserved day off on Teacher's Day.  We decided to take a day leave as well to bring the kids to their favourite Legoland.  It's was a very smooth ride there and since it's a weekday, it's not very crowded, which is great.

At the center of the park where the MiniLand is, a new area was built up with Star Wars theme.
We saw many characters, structures and spacecrafts from the Stars Wars movie series.  The main attraction is the Death Star!
Legoland hotel seems to have completed all its construction.  It should be able to open by early next year I guess.
In Legoland 4D movie theatre, there are total of 4 different movies.  After watching the Racer 4D show today, we finally completed all 4 movies.  There was a trailer on a new movie upcoming next year, Lego Star Wars.
We then went next door to the Lego blocks Build and Test corner.  Here Jerlene and Javier got to build their own racing cars and compete against each other down a slope.
The park closed at 6pm today.  So the kids left the park so reluctantly as the sky has not turned dark yet.

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