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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

9 Mar 2015 - Another tooth extraction at School Dental Clinic

Javier is scheduled to extract his left baby molar in 3 weeks time.  However, he started complaining about toothache since few days back.  He cannot even get into sleep at night when the pain intensified.  I had to give him child paracetamol in order to relieve the pain.  As such, I decided to bring him to the dentist today instead of waiting for 3 more weeks.

The only thing is we will not be able to go back to the same dentist as she's packed with appointment today.  As we were one of the first walk-in patient, we did not have to wait for too long.  When the dentist saw the decayed tooth which was causing pain to Javier, she immediately told us that there was already an infection around the gum and local anaesthetic may not be able to fully relieve the pain during extraction.  So she asked me to really hold Javier tight.

The moment she performed the injection, Javier started crying due to the pain.  After resting for a while, the dentist started the extraction.  And true enough, the local anaesthetic did not seem to be effective and Javier was in extreme pain.  I held Javier's hand real tight and when I heard him crying, I knew it was really really painful.  For me, it was really heart pain.......  However, Javier, being a brave warrior, did not give up.  Finally he managed to get through the pain and the tooth was removed.  The following is the "culprit" that caused so much pain to Javier.
As we were just one cubicle away from the dentist who treated Javier previously, she actually heard Javier crying and asked her colleague to give Javier a few "Angry Bird" stickers.  So nice of her.

On our way home, Javier was still sobbing because the pain had not totally subsided.  Now I'm worried that Javier will refuse to step into a dental clinic in near future.  I've kept the appointment three weeks from now for a review.  Hopefully by then, I will not have a hard time persuading him to go......

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