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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

31 Mar 2015 - Javier turns SIX!

Jerlene and I celebrated Javier's birthday at his childcare centre this afternoon.  It was a mad rush for me as I got to fetch Jerlene from her school at 1:45pm and then brought her to a food court for lunch.  As she's still wearing her school uniform, I brought her home to change to her own dress.  After which, we went to buy some paper plates before going to Nex to collect Javier's cake.  And to make things worse, it started raining very heavily.  By the time we reached the childcare centre, all the children were already seated nicely waiting for us to deliver the birthday cake.
As usual, we sang the birthday songs (in various languages), followed by cake cutting.  When the kids saw the Angry Bird cake, everyone went wild and started telling me: "I want this bird", "I want that yellow one", "I want the egg" etc.  The teacher told me that quite a number of them in the class are so crazy about Angry Bird and they become really good friends because of this.  When the (Chinese) teacher asked them what is Angry Bird in Mandarin, a few kids immediately said "生气鸟"!  The teacher quickly corrected them:"不是生气鸟,是愤怒的小鸟"!
Glad that all the kids love the cake and most of them asked for more.  After clearing up the table, Javier started giving out gifts to all his friends.
Before leaving the school, all the kids gathered around to take a group photo.  This will be Javier's last birthday celebration in childcare as he'll be "promoted" to primary school next year.

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