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Sunday, July 31, 2016

17 Jul 2016 - "Under the Sea X Les Stlphides" Concert by Classical Dance Studio

The ballet concert, which we had been looking forward to, was held at Hwi Yoh CC, Jalan Kayu Hall at 4pm today.  Jerlene had been there since 1pm to do all the preparation work.
We entered the performance hall at around 3:45pm.  The concert theme is "Under the Sea X Les Sylphides".
Here's a video of Jerlene's first public ballet performance, "Mermaids".
After the concert, all ballerinas took photos on stage.  Well done, "little mermaids"!
And following is a group photo of everyone performing in the concert.  What a wonderful performance and thanks to everyone, including the teachers and parents, who had put in so much effort in organizing this concert.  I must say it's all well worth it!  Thumbs up!

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