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Monday, October 31, 2016

16 Oct 2016 - Taekwando Grading at Ang Mo Kio ITE Sports Hall

This round of Taekwando grading was held at Ang Mo Kio ITE Sports Hall.  As usual, the class did some warm up and practice outside of the Sports Hall before the grading started.  We were a bit concern with Javier because he was not feeling well earlier.  However, he insisted to participate in the grading.  Good fighting spirit, Javier!  That's my boy!
Below is the Sports Hall where the grading was conducted.
Javier had made it through the examination.  Well done!
As this is the first time we visited AMK ITE campus, we decided to take a look around.
We were surprised to see a real helicopter, a fighter jet and a Boeing 737 aircraft in a hangar.  I believe they are meant for students taking the lesson in aerospace technology.

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