Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, July 30, 2017

29 July 2017 - Fireworks @ NDP Rehearsal

As National Day is just round the corner, we get to watch fireworks every Saturday night during the NDP rehearsals.  This may be the final year that we could watch it from our roof terrace.
As such, let's enjoy it while we can.  :-)

22 July 2017 - Jasmine revival: SUCCESS!

If you remember my earlier post regarding the state of my Jasmine plant after our Iceland trip, here is an update that the revival was a success!  The plant is now blooming with healthy green leaves.
What's more, Jasmine flowers also started to blossom!
The rest of our collection are growing well too.

18 July 2017 - Amazing Fluffy Clouds

The clouds these few days have been very "fluffy".  But it does look very beautiful!  Don't you agree with the following few photos?  ;-P
Can you spot the small black dot in the photo below?  Can you guess what it was?
It was a fighter jet performing a rehearsal flight for our coming National Day!

16 July 2017 - Taekwando Grading Exam (Blue Belt)

Javier went for his Taekwando Blue Belt grading this afternoon.  Instead of Toa Payoh Sports Hall, this time it was held at Jurong East Sports Complex.  As usual before the grading, they had their warm up and practices outside of the hall
Javier looked relax as he was about to go for his grading.
Below shows how he fared during the exam.  Felt a bit awkward with his back hook kicks.  In fact, most of the kids cannot execute it well.  :-P

11 July 2017 - Learning Journey to Singapore Science Centre

This morning, Javier was very excited as his class went on a learning journey to Singapore Science Centre.  During the lesson, they were given an invisible stamp on their hand which will only glow under ultraviolet light.
While waiting for the proper programme to start, the kids sat around and had their snacks.
The children did not get a chance to visit any exhibit in the centre.  Instead, they were gathered in a classroom where the facilitators conducted some science lessons and got them into groups to carry out some activities.
When I fetched Javier home from school in the evening, he told me that this was a very boring trip as he had expected to visit some exhibits in the Science Centre.  He said all his classmates were very disappointed.  I sort of agreed with him.  To travel such a long bus journey from his school to the Science Centre and back just to have some classroom activities, doesn't really make sense to me.  :-(

8 July 2017 - Practising back hook kick during Taekwando lesson

Javier had been working hard during his Taekwando lesson today.  He'll be going for his blue belt grading in a week's time so he had to spend more time practising his weakest move, the back hook kick.
His kicks will need more power.  Javier, 加油!

7 July 2017 - PAL swimming program

Javier started his PAL (Programme for Active Learning) for swimming today.  As he has just completed his Bronze grading test (equivalent to stage 4) few weeks back, he was classified as a swimmer and joined the group of children who has achieved at least a Bronze grading.  The programme was conducted at Hougang Swimming Pool.

4 July 2017 - Outstanding Academic Performance Award for 2016

Due to our Iceland trip at the end of May, Javier missed his school's prize-giving ceremony.  He was awarded a medal for Outstanding Academic Performance in his class.  Today, his teacher presented the medal to him in class.
Well done, Javier!  Keep up the good work!  :-)

2 July 2017 - Unusual Cloud Formation

This afternoon, I managed to capture an unusual cloud formation.  What do you think it looks like?

1 July 2017 - Distinction in Classical Ballet Exam

Jerlene got back her grade 2 ballet certificate today.  Once again, she achieved a distinction with a score of 43 out of 50.
There are a few areas that can be improved further but in general, she had done well.  Good effort, Jerlene!  Keep it up!  :-)

Friday, June 30, 2017

26 Jun 2017 - SwimSafer Bronze Test

Today, Jerlene and Javier took their SwimSafer Bronze Test at Toa Payoh Swimming complex.  They were quite relaxed before the test.
The start of the test requires them to swim in different styles namely freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.  After that, they were tested on using a rope to rescue others out of the water.
In general, I think they did pretty well so should not have an issue passing the test.  Well done!

25 Jun 2017 - June Holiday Project: Lantern Making

Jerlene had a project to complete during the June school holiday.  It was to make a lantern from recycled items (ice cream sticks, paper and plastic) that her group had chosen.  I found that it was quite neatly done.
We installed a LED light at the base of the lantern to add to its "beauty".  :-)

24 Jun 2017 - My Jasmine Tree REVIVES!

Our Jasmine plant seemed to be dying when we came back from our trip.  Apparently while we were overseas, the weather in Singapore was hot and dry with minimal rainfall.  Furthermore, our irrigation system seemed to have stopped working due to batteries running out after the first week.  All the leaves had fallen off.
Ever since we came back two weeks ago, we started watering it in the hope to revive it.  We saw a glimpse of hope today as there were young leaves growing from one of the branches.
There were also little offspring growing out from its stem.  :-)

20 Jun 2017 - Double team video recording

Javier invited Jerlene to join him in creating a double team minecraft video.  We helped them setup a camera on a tripod stand in front of the TV.  After which, they requested us to stay in our room while they went "On Air".
I quietly captured the following..... :)

17 Jun 2017 - Practising for the Swimming Bronze Exam

Today was the last swimming practice at Toa Payoh swimming complex before the actual exam (Bronze) in about a week's time.
This time, Jerlene and Javier were taught how to use a rope to rescue others in the water.