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Saturday, October 31, 2015

3 Oct 2015 - First Taekwando Class

We have signed Javier up for Taekwando class since few weeks back but due to the hazy weather, the class was cancelled in the past 2 weeks.  The class started today but it was held in an indoor classroom.  Initially Javier kept saying he didn't want to learn but since morning today, he had been asking me whether there will be class tonight.  I can actually sense that he was pretty excited.

As this was the first lesson, we spent quite a while taking measurement for his Taekwando attire, belt and shoes.  Then the instructor started by explaining some histories and differences between International Taekwando Federation and World Taekwando Federation.  Of course at his age, Javier will not be able to appreciate the history.  Next the instructor taught them some basic commands and how to hold their fist correctly.  Finally they got to learn some basic slow punches.
Javier and his classmates kept getting distracted by their seniors and the instructor had to keep reminding them to stay focus.  By the time the class ended, it was about 9:30pm.  We went home immediately as Javier needed to take another shower (yes, he had already taken one shower after his swimming class in the afternoon) before going to bed.

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