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Saturday, October 31, 2015

11 Oct 2015 - Coney Island Trip

Coney Island has re-opened to the general public yesterday.  As we had nothing plan for the afternoon, we decided to pay this newest nature park in Singapore a visit.  We brought along Jerlene and Javier's bicycles after sending them to the bicycle shop to replace the tyres.
Coney Island is located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore near Pulau Ubin.  One can enter the park either from Punggol Promenade or Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6.
Initially we drove to Punggol Promenade but could not find the entrance.  So we decided to try the Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 entrance.  When we arrived, the whole stretch of road was full of cars.  We have to wait for a parking space or else we will have park our car pretty far from the entrance.  Once we managed to get a parking lot, we started walking towards the entrance which is across the dam.  Jerlene and Javier had an easier time by cycling towards it.
In this park, we were able to encounter with a wide variety of biodiversity.  We heard that we may be able to spot a Brahman Bull if we were lucky.
Below is a pavilion in Coney Island Park featuring eco-friendly designs such as recycled Casuarina log benches.  It is also where the toilets are located.
As we walked towards the beach, we saw a few bird nests hanging down on the tree branches.  Too bad, the birds were "not at home",
There are 5 beaches on this island which have been intentionally left uncleared, and greenery are allowed to grow in its natural environment.
Whenever we come to beaches, Jerlene and Javier will be extremely excited.  However, beware of the sand flies.  So do remember to put on insect repellent before stepping onto the beaches.
We spent around 3 hours, covering half of the island as one-third of the time we were at the beach.  Overall, it was a great family outing.

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