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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

20 Nov 2016 - Pokemon hunting at Ang Mo Kio Park

It's the start of school holiday and so is our pokemon hunting season.  We began our hunting at Ang Mo Kio Park today.  While having fun, it was also a great workout for all of us as there are up hill and down slope all around the park.
The main reason for coming to this park is because this is an Omanyte nest.  From the map below, you can actually see 3 different nests.  There is a Bulbasaur nest at Lower Pierce and a Kabuto nest at Bishan Park.  After we have caught enough Omanytes, we actually went over to Bishan Park but it was too crowded due to some events happening there.  We decided to come another day and went for our dinner.  We had a great family bonding and workout time today.  Will do it again soon.

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