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Saturday, November 5, 2016

5 Nov 2016 - Javier is now officially a YouTuber

Have you heard of DanTDM?  If not, ask your kids or any kid along the street.  They will probably say "Yes I know DanTDM!  He's my idol!".  I started learning about this 24 years old British YouTuber when Jerlene and Javier showed me the videos that they were watching on their Tablets.  DanTDM started to gain popularity among kids around the world after he posted a series of YouTube videos focusing on the popular game Minecraft.  He currently has 12.8 millions subscribers and earns an annual income somewhere between $200,000 to $2,000,000.

Jerlene and Javier have idolized DanTDM so much so that they decided to become a YouTuber themselves just like him.  Javier had taken his first step today by creating two videos of his own.  He is now officially a YouTuber with his own channel.  Do give him some support by subscribing to his channel!  :-)

The following are his first two videos currently available in his YouTube channel.  When he first showed me his videos, I was pretty amazed by his commentary.  Enjoy his videos and do click on "Like" to give him some encouragement.  Hopefully by creating such videos will help in his Oral examination in the future.  :-P

What do you think of the above videos?  I love his creativity in building his Minecraft World with Pokemons such as Butterfree and Beedrill.  His commentary was quite interesting and I'm not even sure if I myself can do better,  He has plan to post more videos real soon so do stay tune!  :-)

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